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November 26, 2014 | Safar 4, 1436
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Giving Thanks
Number of comments: 6
Opinion Summary: Agree:3  Disagree:0  Neutral:2  Ignored:1

11/26/2014 - Religious - IC1206-5132
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* -

Some people wait for special occasions only to render thanks to Allah; settlement of a major problem, recovering from a serious sickness, often before (but rarely after) exams ... ) ... More 
Number of comments: 1

11/25/2014 - Religious - AJ1209-5251
By: Uwaymir Anjum - Al Jumuah* - 24-07

Among the signs of truthfulness is tranquility in the heart. And among the signs of falsehood or a lie is the restlessness (reeba; which also means doubt) of the heart.) ... More 
The Role of Muhammad (s) Audio
Number of comments: 7

Ihsan, The pursuit of Excellence Audio
Number of comments: 18
Opinion Summary: Agree:16  Disagree:0  Neutral:2

Peaceful Nights
Number of comments: 6

11/21/2014 - Religious - SW1210-5307
By: Naiyerah Kolkailah - SuhaibWeb.com* -

The moments right before you fall sleep are beautifully serene. Everything is still and quiet (hopefully), and all you have amidst the darkness is the radiance of your thoughts and reflections. You might even find the best ideas coming to mind in that relaxed, peaceful state. If you get into bed when you're exhausted, though, your brain shuts down before you know it, and you don't remember thinking of anything-even of Allah.) ... More 
How Heraclius examined the Prophet
Number of comments: 12

11/20/2014 - Religious - IC1201-4998
By: Thomas Cleary - IslamiCity* -

when the letter of the Prophet reached Heraclius, Caesar read it and said, "Look for someone from his people around here, so that I may ask about this Messenger of God." ) ... More 
It is in the heart not in the money Audio
Number of comments: 15

11/19/2014 - Religious Social - IC0610-3131
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* -

The way people relate to wealth influences most aspects of their personal lives. For many people, where there is wealth there is attention ..) ... More 
Different Outcome for Different People Audio
Number of comments: 2

11/18/2014 - Religious - IC0704-3265
By: Sayyid Qutb - IslamiCity* -

These are Verses of the Wise Book,- A Guide and a Mercy to those who excel in doing good, attend regularly to prayers, give in charity and are indeed certain of the hereafter ..) ... More 
Quran Translation Limitations
Number of comments: 1
Opinion Summary: Agree:0  Disagree:0  Neutral:1

11/18/2014 - Religious - IC1309-5519
By: Dr. Arshad Chaudhry - IslamiCity* -

Muslim Scholars and Muslim laity are unanimous in their view that the translation of the Quran is not the Quran and is not a replacement for the Original Arabic Quran. Muslim scholars believe that any translation of the Quran is an approximate interpretation, intended only as a tool for acquiring a superficial understanding of the original Arabic text ) ... More 
Advice of the Prophet
Number of comments: 27

11/17/2014 - Religious - IC0902-3803
By: Staff - IslamiCity* -

I have never heard a tradition more comprehensive of the beauties of religion, and more beneficial than this. It collects all the good things of Islam but not put to use ..) ... More 

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