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September 16, 2014 | Dhul-Qa`dah 22, 1435
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Hajj: Linking Muslims with the Abrahamic heritage Audio
Number of comments: 8

9/15/2014 - Religious Interfaith - IC0612-3204
By: Javeed Akhter - IslamiCity* -

Abraham's willingness to sacrifice all for God is admired by all three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam ..) ... More
Malcolm X: The Pilgrimage to Makkah Audio
Number of comments: 10
Opinion Summary: Agree:7  Disagree:0  Neutral:3

Learning from the story of - Magicians and Moses
Number of comments: 3

8/4/2014 - Religious Interfaith - IC0902-3809
By: Ibrahim N. Abusharif - IslamiCity* -

The confrontation between Moses and Pharaoh is branded on human culture and memory. That face-off evokes familiar empathy for things like justice, struggle ..) ... More
Ramadan - In pursuance of Taqwa
Number of comments:
Opinion Summary: Agree:  Disagree:  Neutral:

7/4/2014 - Religious Interfaith Education - IR0808-3631
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCIty* -

The renowned philosopher, Aristotle, once said; "You are what you repeatedly do ". Habits are conditioned responses, formed through repetition, until the actions or reactions become second nature ) ... More
10 great goals to set for this Ramadan
Number of comments: 48
Opinion Summary: Agree:48  Disagree:0  Neutral:0

7/1/2014 - Religious Family Interfaith - SV0808-3647
By: Staff - Sound Vision* -

Go to Tarawih prayers, Memorize 4 new Surahs,Call/email your relatives,Go on a technology diet... ) ... More
The Night Journey Audio
Number of comments: 4
Opinion Summary: Agree:4  Disagree:0  Neutral:0

5/26/2014 - Religious Interfaith Education - IC0804-3559
By: Tariq Ramadan - IslamiCity* -

The Prophet liked to go to the Kaba enclosure at night. He would stand there in prayer for long hours. One evening, he suddenly felt deeply tired and in great need of sleep. ) ... More
Life and Beyond Audio
Number of comments: 13
Opinion Summary: Agree:9  Disagree:0  Neutral:4

5/9/2014 - Religious Interfaith Science - IC0805-3573
By: Muhammad Abdel Haleem - IslamiCity* -

It is God who created you, then He provided sustenance for you, then He will cause you to die, then He will give life back to you ) ... More
What the Gospels Mean to Muslims
Number of comments: 6

5/2/2014 - Religious Interfaith - MI1210-5318
By: Gary Miller - Mission Islam* -

The Muslim used to have probably a very different attitude about the gospels than he does today. I'm just speaking of the majority or large segments of the community who use to feel much differently than large segments of the community feel today. And most of the blame for that I suppose could be placed on one hand on the Muslim and on the other hand on some of the Christian community and how it was they present the gospel.) ... More
Walk on Water-The Wisdom of Jesus Audio
Number of comments: 8
Opinion Summary: Agree:5  Disagree:3  Neutral:0

4/24/2014 - Religious Interfaith Education - ZI0712-3463
By: Hamza Yusuf - Zaytuna Institute* -

The following sayings of Jesus (peace be upon him) from traditional Arabic sources are excerpted from Walk on Water, a forthcoming book by Hamza Yusuf. From Traditional Arabic Sources) ... More
Jesus in Islam Audio
Number of comments: 8
Opinion Summary: Agree:6  Disagree:2  Neutral:0

4/22/2014 - Interfaith Religious Education - IR0712-3450
By: Sadullah Khan - Islamic Center of Irvine* -

The Qur'an mentions about 25 of the Biblical Prophets by name [Q4:163] and we are further told that there have been prophets besides those mentioned in the Qur'an: ) ... More

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