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December 16, 2018 | Rabi` Al-Thani 8, 1440
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Audio The Hijrah
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11/4/2014 - Religious - SA1311-5579
By: Peter C. Speers - Saudi Aramco* - .....

After Muhammad had preached publicly for more than a decade, the opposition to him reached such a high pitch that, fearful for their safety, he sent some of his adherents to Ethiopia, where the Christian ruler extended protection to them, the memory of which has been cherished by Muslims ever since.) ... More
Audio The Golden Age
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11/22/2013 - Religious - SA1311-5585
By: Peter C. Speers - Saudi Aramco* - .....

The Golden Age was a period of unrivaled intellectual activity in all fields: science, technology, and (as a result of intensive study of the Islamic faith) literature - particularly biography, history, and linguistics. Scholars compiled immense biographical detail about the Prophet and other information, historic and linguistic, about the Prophet's era. ) ... More
Audio The Seljuk Turks
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11/22/2013 - Religious - SA1311-5587
By: Peter C. Speers - Saudi Aramco* - .....

Although individual Turkish generals had already gained considerable, and at times decisive, power in Mesopotamia and Egypt during the tenth and eleventh centuries, the coming of the Seljuks signaled the first large-scale penetration of the Turkish elements into the Middle East.) ... More
Audio The Mongols and the Mamluks
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11/22/2013 - Religious - SA1311-5589
By: Peter C. Speers - Saudi Aramco* - .....

In the thirteenth century still another threat to the Muslim world appeared in the land beyond the Oxus: the Mongols. Led by Genghis Khan, a confederation of nomadic tribes which had already conquered China now attacked the Muslims.) ... More
Audio The Crusaders
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11/22/2013 - Religious - SA1311-5588
By: Peter C. Speers - Salon.com* - .....

The First Crusade began in 1095 after the Byzantines - threatened by Seljuk power- appealed to Pope Urban II for military aid. Pope Urban, hoping to divert the Christian kings and princes from their struggles with each other. ) ... More
Audio The Fatimids
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11/22/2013 - Religious - SA1311-5586
By: Peter C. Speers - Saudi Aramco* - .....

The Fatimids won their first success in North Africa, where they established a rival caliphate at Raqqadah near Kairouan and, in 952, embarked on a period of expansion that within a few years took them to Egypt. ) ... More
Audio The Legacy
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11/22/2013 - Religious - SA1311-5590
By: Peter C. Speers - Saudi Aramco* - .....

The foundation of this legacy was the astonishing achievements of Muslim scholars, scientists, craftsmen, and traders during the two hundred years or so that are called the Golden Age.) ... More
Audio Revival in the Arab east
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11/22/2013 - Social - SA1311-5593
By: Peter C. Speers - Saudi Aramco* - .....

This tumultuous period also saw an increase in the influence of the United States and the Soviet Union in the Middle East. Neither power had played a major role in the early phases of penetration, but this changed as they developed conflicting interests with regard to the Arab-Israeli dispute.) ... More
Audio The Ottomans
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11/22/2013 - Religious - SA1311-5591
By: Peter C. Speers - Salon.com* - .....

The Ottoman state was born on the frontier between Islam and the Byzantine Empire. Turkish tribes, driven from their homeland in the steppes of Central Asia by the Mongols, had embraced Islam and settled in Anatolia on the battle lines of the Islamic world, where they formed the Ottoman confederation.) ... More
Audio The coming of the west
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11/22/2013 - Religious - SA1311-5592
By: Peter C. Speers - Saudi Aramco* - .....

The Western world had for centuries been gradually penetrating most of the areas that had once been part of the Muslim empire, and in the latter part of the nineteenth century, in the vacuum left by the long decay and decline of the Ottoman Empire, European powers came to dominate the Middle East. ) ... More

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