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December 16, 2017 | Rabi` Al-Awwal 28, 1439
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Islam and Modernity Islam and ModernIty
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7/30/2015 - Religious Social - IC1507-6116
By: Dr. Spahic Omer - IslamiCity* - .....

Islamic modernism was a movement that aimed to reconcile Islamic faith with some modern values and trends such as democracy, rights, nationalism, rationality, science, equality and progress. ) ... More  
Discovery of ‘oldest’ Qur'an fragments could resolve enigmatic history of holy text DIscovery of ‘oldest’ Qur'an fragments could resolve enIgmatIc hIstory of holy text
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7/28/2015 - Education Religious - TC1507-6115
By: Fozia Bora - The Converzation* - .....

Given the more than 95% accuracy of the carbon dating involved, carried out at the Oxford University Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, this discovery indicates that these fragments are in all probability contemporary with the Prophet himself.) ... More  
Islam and Tradition Islam and TradItIon
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7/26/2015 - Religious Education - IC1507-6113
By: Dr. Spahic Omer - IslamiCity* - .....

Nor can it become a mere tradition or a set of traditional or evolved beliefs, rituals and customs, in that it was not people who created or generated it in a space and in a moment of time, and as such transmitted and handed it over from generation to generation. ) ... More  
The oldest surviving fragment of the Quran: 'All Muslims would love to see it' The oldest survIvIng fragment of the Quran: 'All MuslIms would love to see It'
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7/24/2015 - Religious - IC1507-6110
By: Jonathan Gornall - IslamiCity* - .....

But if the dating we've been given is at all reliable then we've got fragments from a Quran that will have been copied by somebody who either knew the Prophet Mohammed himself, or knew somebody who had known him.") ... More  
Is Allah God's Name or God's CV? Is Allah God's Name or God's CV?
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7/23/2015 - Interfaith Religious - IC1507-6112
By: Rabbi Allen S. Maller - IslamiCity* - .....

For monotheists the many names of God are just appellations: titles and descriptions. Thus, to say that God is a King or a Judge describes one of many ways the one God acts; i,e, a job description.) ... More  
Building a Relationship with the Quran BuIldIng a RelatIonshIp wIth the Quran
Number of comments: 5
7/21/2015 - Religious - ML1205-5096
By: Staff - Muslim Link* - .....

Certain basic states and attitudes of heart and mind are a necessary prerequisite to any fruitful relationship with the Quran. Develop them as much as you can. Make them part of your consciousness, keep them ever-alive and active. Integrate them in your actions. Let them penetrate the depth of your being. Without the help of these inner resource you will not receive your full measure of the Qurans blessings. They will be your indispensable companions, too, throughout your journey.) ... More  
Take Time for Internal Reflection Take TIme for Internal ReflectIon
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7/20/2015 - - MO1110-4894
By: Imam Abdullah El-Amin - Muslim Observer* - .....

If you are a believer and have submitted yourself to be an instrument of ALLAH, you will be on a higher wavelength of righteousness in which there is no error.) ... More  
Keeping Ramadan Alive the Rest of the Year KeepIng Ramadan AlIve the Rest of the Year
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7/19/2015 - Religious - IC1109-4843
By: Hesham Hassaballa - IslamiCity* - .....

Almost invariably it happens a few days after the end of Ramadan: the letdown.) ... More  
Audio Essence of EId  (S)
Number of comments: 59
7/17/2015 - Religious Social - IC0212-1799
By: IslamiCity - IslamiCity* - .....

Eid is a time when the entire Muslim community comes together to share in each others joy and blessings and also to lessen the burden of those who may be suffering.) ... More  
Eid-ul-Fitr: An Introspective Celebration EId-ul-FItr: An IntrospectIve CelebratIon
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7/17/2015 - - IC1507-6104
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* - .....

We have been spiritual wayfarers/ as-sa'ihun on the transcendent journey towards the attainment of piety. Where did that journey take us? Have we become better human beings; more considerate, more caring, more compassionate?) ... More  

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