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July 22, 2019 | Dhul-Qa`dah 20, 1440
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Keeping Ramadan Alive the Rest of the Year Keeping Ramadan Alive the Rest of the Year
Number of comments: 7
7/19/2015 - Religious - IC1109-4843
By: Hesham Hassaballa - IslamiCity* - .....

Almost invariably it happens a few days after the end of Ramadan: the letdown.) ... More  
Does God Hear me? Does God Hear me?
Number of comments: 7
1/14/2014 - Religious - IC0809-3659
By: Hesham Hassaballa - IslamiCity* - .....

Recently, I asked God for something very, very important to me. I prayed to Him night and day. I got up in the early morning to pray extra devotional prayers ..) ... More  
On Thanksgiving: Let Us All Praise On Thanksgiving: Let Us All Praise "The Appreciative One"
Number of comments: 4
11/26/2013 - Religious - IC0811-3735
By: Hesham Hassaballa - IslamiCity* - .....

In Islamic tradition, it is believed that God has 99 names or attributes that describe God for the believer. These include the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the Creator, the Sustainer ..) ... More  
Persistent Double Standard Persistent Double Standard
Number of comments: 3
5/15/2011 - Social Political - IC1105-4676
By: Hesham Hassaballa - IslamiCity* - .....

When it comes to Islam, whenever a Muslim does something criminal and says, "Islam says I should do so," so many just accept it and project that criminality onto the entire faith.) ... More  
God's Light Cannot Be Extinguished God's Light Cannot Be Extinguished
Number of comments:
5/8/2011 - Religious - GF1105-4656
By: Hesham Hassaballa - God, Faith, and a Pen* - .....

Bin Laden's heresy is but the latest in a series of "blips" in the historical trajectory of Islam and its core message of faith, justice, compassion, and mercy. Indeed, the blips can be the source of much strife, trial, and tribulation, but they are not threats to the core of Islam.) ... More  
A Muslim at Passover A Muslim at Passover
Number of comments: 4
4/23/2011 - Interfaith Religious - AM1104-4634
By: Hesham Hassaballa - Alt Muslim* - .....

Just because I am not holding a Seder in my home, it does not mean the story behind the Seder is not close to my heart. Let us pivot off of what we have in common and work together for the common good.) ... More  
The Sharia Within The Sharia Within
Number of comments: 5
4/9/2011 - Humor Religious Political - AM1104-4615
By: Hesham Hassaballa - Alt Muslim* - .....

There are more than a dozen states that are currently trying to enact laws seeking to ban Sharia law, the amorphous corpus of Islamic law that has been developed - and is still being developed - over the last 15 centuries.) ... More  
Audio I am "SUSHI" - Sunni and Shia
Number of comments: 12
Opinion Summary: Agree:5  Disagree:4  Neutral:3
1/9/2011 - Social Religious - IC1101-4418
By: Hesham Hassaballa - IslamiCity* - .....

One of the most beautiful things about being an American Muslim is the fact that I can live true Islam here in the US - true Islam, without the cultural, historical, and other baggage of "old country" Islam) ... More  
Audio A Very Curious Phenomenon
Number of comments: 1
1/6/2011 - Political Social - GF1101-4420
By: Hesham Hassaballa - God, Faith, and a Pen* - .....

There is a serious ignorance about Islam and Muslims all across this country. During the lawsuit challenging Oklahoma’s anti-Sharia law, the State Department actually had to weigh in to confirm that Islam is indeed a major world religion.) ... More  
Is there an antidote for anti-Muslim rhetoric? Is there an antidote for anti-Muslim rhetoric?
Number of comments: 3
12/1/2010 - Social Opinion - AM1011-4366
By: Hesham Hassaballa - Alt Muslim* - .....

American Muslims need to know their neighbors on an intimate, personal level. Exchange gifts, go to block parties, coach softball teams, become Neighborhood Watch block captains - that is the best way to teach about Islam, by showing what "real live Islam" looks like.) ... More  

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