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December 16, 2018 | Rabi` Al-Thani 8, 1440
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Ramadan in the Farthest North Ramadan in the Farthest North
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6/3/2014 - Religious - SW1204-5069
By: Alia Yunis - Saudi Aramco World* - .....

A bit above 69 degrees north latitude, 350 kilometers (215 mi) above the Arctic Circle, it's almost as far as you can get from the heat and desert winds of the land of Islam's origin.) ... More
The Masterpiece Minbar
The Masterpiece Minbar
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3/31/2014 - Education - SW1202-5015
By: Jonathan M. Bloom - Saudi Aramco World* - .....

Perhaps because it was so precious, Muslim craftsmen used wood to make minbars, the one article of furniture required in every congregational mosque. The minbar, a stepped pulpit normally located to the right of the mihrab (the niche in the wall facing Makkah), is the place from which the imam preaches his sermon at Friday noon worship.) ... More
Audio Pioneer Muslim Physicians
Number of comments: 3
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12/9/2012 - Science Education - SW1101-4447
By: David W. Tschanz - Saudi Aramco World* - .....

While clear reasoning was taking place in Muslim Spain, medical practice in Christian Europe, hobbled by a mindset that would have seen the doctor's work as a challenge to divine will ..) ... More
75,000 miles of travel by Ibn Battuta 75,000 miles of travel by Ibn Battuta
Number of comments: 3
11/17/2011 - Education - SW1111-4932
By: Staff - Saudi Aramco World* - .....

In 1325 Ibn Battuta had been a young man of 21, reluctantly leaving his parents to make his first hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca some 3,000 miles due east ..) ... More
Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an
Number of comments: 2
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8/9/2011 - Religious - AW1108-4795
By: Sebastian R. Prange - Aramco World* - .....

Wanting to broaden his legal studies as much as possible, Jefferson found the Qur'an well worth his attention) ... More
World's Fastest Scientist
World's Fastest Scientist
Number of comments: 3
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1/8/2010 - Science - SW1001-4033
By: Andrew A. Sicree - Saudi Aramco World* - .....

Ahmed Zewail was appointed as a Science Envoy by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton which followed his appointment earlier in 2009 to President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology ..) ... More
Audio Islam's Path East: China
Number of comments: 17
4/15/2008 - Education Social - SW0206-1661
By: Aramco World - Saudi Aramco World* - .....

Contacts between Muslims and Chinese began very early. Arab merchants traded in silk even before the advent of Islam..) ... More
Audio The World's First Soft Drink
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3/11/2008 - Social Education Family - SW0803-3535
By: Juliette Rossant - Saudi Aramco World* - .....

"Give me a sun, I care not how hot, and sherbet, I care not how cool, and my Heaven is as easily made as your Persian." ) ... More
Audio Granada's New Convivencia
Number of comments: 4
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1/28/2008 - Education Social Religious - SW0801-3495
By: Tor Eigeland - Saudi Aramco World* - .....

My favorite spot in all of Andalusia is along the Caliphate Route. It's a mirador, or scenic overlook, atop a hill near a village called Moclin in the Montes de Granada. ) ... More
Audio Mexican Kitchen's Islamic Connection
Number of comments: 8
Opinion Summary: Agree:6  Disagree:1  Neutral:1
8/16/2007 - Social Education - SW0407-2401
By: Rachel Laudan - Saudi Aramco World* - Volume 55, Number 3.....

The high cuisine of Islam, one of the most sophisticated the world had seen, flourished from the 8th century on ..) ... More

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