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October 21, 2018 | Safar 11, 1440
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Keeping Ramadan Alive the Rest of the Year
Number of comments: 7

7/19/2015 - Religious - IC1109-4843
By: Hesham Hassaballa - IslamiCity* -

Almost invariably it happens a few days after the end of Ramadan: the letdown.) ... More
Eid Reflection
Number of comments: 2
Opinion Summary: Agree:1  Disagree:0  Neutral:1

7/17/2015 - Religious - MF1108-4827
By: Sh. Kifah Mustapha - Mosque Foundation* -

Eid for Muslims is a time of celebration but of a unique kind. It is a celebration of gratefulness to Allah by responding to His call through fasting this month.) ... More
Interfaith Science of Ramadan: The Essence May be Traceable in Your Faith
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7/16/2015 - Interfaith Religious - IC1507-6105
By: Mike Ghouse - IslamiCity* -

Every faith is composed of a set of unique rituals to bring discipline and peace to human life. Fasting is one of the five key rituals that Muslims around the world observe.) ... More
A Celebration At The End Of Ramadan A Celebration At The End Of Ramadan
Number of comments: 3

7/14/2015 - Religious - HP1308-5494
By: Staff - Huffington Post* -

One of the most joyous days in the Islamic calendar, Eid al-Fitr, also known as Eid ul-Fitr or Eid, is a celebration that marks the end of Ramadan (a holy month of fasting observed by Muslims).) ... More
Ramadan Generosity in Action
Number of comments: 2

7/14/2015 - Religious - IC0909-3954
By: Imam Zaid Shakir - IslamiCity* -

Generosity is expansive and abundant giving and the Prophet, peace upon him, said, "Allah is generous, He loves generosity ..) ... More
The door is about to close - Farewell to Ramadan
Number of comments: 3

7/14/2015 - Religious - IC1208-5228
By: Margani U. Mohammad - IslamiCity* -

This blessing and virtue-filled guest of the believers has only come and stayed with us for a while to bring us a chance to purify and cleanse ourselves of wrongdoing and misdeeds and lay before us the opportunity to invest for the next world ...) ... More
The Powerful Night of Ramadan Video
Number of comments: 119

7/13/2015 - - IC0112-380
By: IslamiCity - IslamiCity* -

The Night of Power in His infinite wisdom is encouraged to be searched during the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan) ... More
The blessed Night of Power
Number of comments: 7
Opinion Summary: Agree:3  Disagree:1  Neutral:3

7/12/2015 - Religious - IC1108-4831
By: Dr. Habib Siddiqui - IslamiCity* -

The blessed month of Ramadan is coming to an end. The first one-third of the month was for seeking mercy, the middle one-third for forgiveness and the last one-third for salvation from the Fire of Hell. In the last part of this month lies hidden the Night of Power or Decree (Laylatul Qadr)...) ... More
Ramadan Nights: "The Market for the people of Eman." Audio
Number of comments: 6

7/11/2015 - Education Religious Social - SW0709-3370
By: Suhaib Webb - SuhaibWeb.com* -

Faith represents the wings by which we fly and the crutches with which we walk.) ... More
The secret of the Night of Power Audio
Number of comments: 4

7/10/2015 - Religious - IC0610-3136
By: Muhammad Zuhri - IslamiCity* -

As creatures aware of our own existence, we human beings have a direct responsibility for our survival on earth ..) ... More

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