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July 22, 2019 | Dhul-Qa`dah 20, 1440
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Brief History of Mosques in Los Angeles Area
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7/10/2015 - Religious - IC1507-6102
By: Mohammad Yacoob - IslamiCity* -

In 1966, during the month of Ramadan 1386 Hijri, a group of Muslims living in West Los Angles near University of California-Los Angeles, rented a one bedroom apartment for one month for performing the Isha and Taraweeh prayer.) ... More
Governance of Islamic State during Caliph Hazrat Ali
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2/16/2015 - Political - IC1403-5708
By: Mohammad Yacoob - IslamiCity* -

One of the greatest Caliphs of Islam after Prophet Muhammad was Ali Ibn abi Talib, who as a young man lived under the guardianship of Prophet since childhood in the same house. He was the first youngest person to enter the folds of Islam, ... ) ... More
Talking about Death is not going to kill us
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5/6/2014 - Religious Social - IC0302-1865
By: Mohammad Yacoob - IslamiCity* -

We spend much of our lives seeking happiness, wealth, health and other luxuries of life, imagining that they can best be found by ignoring our own mortality. Yet, the Quran says that every one is going to taste death. ) ... More
Brief History of the Islamic Center of Southern California (1952-1972)
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5/22/2013 - Social Religious - IC1305-5455
By: Mohammad Yacoob - IslamiCity* -

In the 1950-s the Islamic Center of Southern California was the only Mosque that was in existence in Los Angeles. It was located in a rented building on Fountain Avenue in city of Hollywood. ) ... More
Michael Wolfe - An American Muslim Disseminating Truth about Abrahamic Religions
Number of comments: 2

8/29/2012 - Religious Social - IC1207-5198
By: Mohammad Yacoob - IslamiCity* -

One of the contemporary Muslims who inspired me to become a better Muslim, a better American and a person in need of further training in the art of living by helping others in this world to live a life of dignity.) ... More
Ibn Battuta's Journey to Mecca and 1001 Inventions
Number of comments: 3
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5/16/2012 - Science Social - IC1205-5093
By: Mohammad Yacoob - IslamiCity* -

Ibn Battuta made the journey in 1325 and the audience in the IMAX theatre in Los Angeles in 2011 also went on a journey and found that it was an awesome journey that touched their body, heart and soul.) ... More
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The Caliphs Gave News Service and Postal System to the World
Number of comments: 4
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Prophet Muhammad - The Most Successful Reformist Audio
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2/20/2011 - - IC1102-4519
By: Mohammad Yacoob - IslamiCity* -

Prophet Muhammad continued to make reforms in all phases of human life. He transformed the lives of the people living in the Arabian Peninsula into practical, honest human beings, and good Muslims. He made social and moral changes in order to create a unique culture based on taqwa ...) ... More
Umar ibn al Khattab among the most influential people in history Audio
Number of comments: 11

12/19/2010 - Religious - IC1012-4389
By: Mohammad Yacoob - IslamiCity* -

Under the leadership of Umar ibn Al-Khattab Islam spread widely not by the sword but by virtue of its beauty, simplicity, transparency, openness and the leadership provided by him. ..) ... More

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