Articles: Archive 09/2004
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If the War Were in the U.S. [OPINION] 9/30/2004
Fasting in Shaban to honor Ramadan [FEATURE] 9/29/2004
Cat Stevens: He hasn't changed but the U.S. has [OPINION] 9/29/2004
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Funding Stem Cell Research [OPINION] 9/25/2004
Another step towards an Iron Curtain [OPINION] 9/25/2004
Democracy wins in Muslim lands [ANALYSIS] 9/24/2004
Islam means surrender - to God, not to violence! [OPINION] 9/23/2004
Three Years After [ANALYSIS] 9/22/2004
Cat Stevens denied U.S. entry [] 9/22/2004
Islamic civil rights group calls for release of all hostages in Iraq [] 9/21/2004
"If You Harbor Terrorists, You Are a Terrorist" [ANALYSIS] 9/21/2004
Human Rights in Islam [FEATURE] 9/15/2004
Studying Islam Effect [FEATURE] 9/17/2004
What exactly are we witnessing? [OPINION] 9/18/2004
'I am beautiful, no matter what they say' [OPINION] 9/8/2004
Too Many Cameras and Not Enough Truth [ANALYSIS] 9/16/2004
1,000 Souls for Oil? [ANALYSIS] 9/15/2004
Who is the enemy? [ANALYSIS] 9/14/2004
The Day has come! [FEATURE] 9/10/2004
What Lessons have we learnt from 911? [ANALYSIS] 9/11/2004
As you wake up for Fajr [FEATURE] 9/10/2004
Why the horror in Beslan? [ANALYSIS] 9/10/2004
Tragedy in Beslan [ANALYSIS] 9/9/2004
Agreeing to differ [FEATURE] 9/3/2004
Putting Putin on the Spot [ANALYSIS] 9/4/2004
Bush's "War on Terror": No Lack of Imagination [OPINION] 9/4/2004
My Own Hunger Strike [ANALYSIS] 9/3/2004
What does America have to fear from me? [ANALYSIS] 9/2/2004
Kidnapping has no basis in Islam [OPINION] 9/1/2004