Articles: Archive 08/2003
Normalizing Islam in America [] 8/20/2003
Life of Jesus: The Bible and Jews [ANALYSIS] 8/13/2003
Global Terrorism Index [ANALYSIS] 8/31/2003
Islamic World Renaissance [COLUMN] 8/30/2003
Major Principles of Islamic Governance [] 8/28/2003
Sharon's Visit to India [COLUMN] 8/29/2003
Unprepared for Peace in Iraq [ANALYSIS] 8/29/2003
Escaping Iraq is Tomorrow's Winning Slogan [COLUMN] 8/28/2003
What went wrong with the Arab World? [COLUMN] 8/26/2003
Life is a Struggle for the Disabled [COLUMN] 8/23/2003
The Roadmap is Finished, Mr. Secretary [COLUMN] 8/22/2003
America in the dark [ANALYSIS] 8/21/2003
Islam Came into My Life Unexpectedly [] 8/19/2003
A Letter to Donald Rumsfeld [COLUMN] 8/19/2003
Civil Liberties and Uncivil Super Patriotism [ANALYSIS] 8/16/2003
When horror strikes [ANALYSIS] 8/15/2003
Coming Back to Islam: A German Diplomat's Journey [FEATURE] 8/3/2003
Israel Scores Roadmap Victory [COLUMN] 8/13/2003
I was a member of the KKK [FEATURE] 8/12/2003
Americans Pay Price for Speaking Out [FEATURE] 8/10/2003
Silence That Kills [ANALYSIS] 8/9/2003
Quran: A Divine Guidance or a Historical Document [] 8/7/2003
Is The United States "A Terrorist Magnet"? [COLUMN] 8/7/2003
Japan's search for a non combat zone in Iraq [COLUMN] 8/5/2003
Why the US needs the Taliban [ANALYSIS] 8/5/2003
Response to "Challenging the Quran" Article in Newsweek [ANALYSIS] 8/4/2003
To kill or not to kill Hussein [ANALYSIS] 8/1/2003