Articles: Archive 07/2004
Israel Builds Another Wall [ANALYSIS] 7/31/2004
Muslim Women Scholars Must Bloom Again [ANALYSIS] 7/30/2004
One Hunderd Orders [ANALYSIS] 7/30/2004
Doctors Without Borders Leave Afghanistan [ANALYSIS] 7/29/2004
Mexican Kitchen's Islamic Connection [FEATURE] 7/29/2004
9/11 Commission tells truth, but not whole truth [ANALYSIS] 7/28/2004
Sudan: Darfur Destroyed [COLUMN] 7/27/2004
Search for UCLA Student Continues [FEATURE] 7/25/2004
Review of Humanism [FEATURE] 7/24/2004
Oops, They Invaded the Wrong Country? [ANALYSIS] 7/24/2004
Transforming the Arab world [ANALYSIS] 7/22/2004
The legacy of Abraham [FEATURE] 7/14/2004
ICJ Ruling Vindicates International Law [ANALYSIS] 7/23/2004
A reckless assertion [OPINION] 7/21/2004
To Jihad or not to Jihad [FEATURE] 7/21/2004
Mediating Islam and a Mediated Islam [ANALYSIS] 7/16/2004
No Blank Check [ANALYSIS] 7/18/2004
Senate Intelligence Committee Lets Bush Administration Off the Hook [ANALYSIS] 7/15/2004
Bush Policies Make Terrorism a Growth Industry [ANALYSIS] 7/15/2004
Politics and American Muslims [OPINION] 7/14/2004
July Surprise? [ANALYSIS] 7/12/2004
Morning in Iraq? [ANALYSIS] 7/9/2004
Saudi Women Talk Rights [ANALYSIS] 7/11/2004
World Court: Tear down Israel's illegal wall [EDITORIAL] 7/10/2004
Long arm of the law nabs Bush [ANALYSIS] 7/9/2004
The Verse of Abuse Or the Abused Verse [ANALYSIS] 7/9/2004
You know not! [ANALYSIS] 7/9/2004
"Fahrenheit 9/11" or "Farce and Hype 7-11" [ANALYSIS] 7/8/2004
Culture of War [ANALYSIS] 7/6/2004
We hold these Truths to be self evident [FEATURE] 7/2/2004
The American Revolution and Iraq [ANALYSIS] 7/3/2004
Muslim Mathematicians on the Road to Makkah [FEATURE] 7/2/2004
Lessons Not Learned [OPINION] 7/1/2004