Articles: Archive 05/2004
Now they say it is shaped like a trumpet [FEATURE] 5/28/2004
The Oil Connection [OPINION] 5/31/2004
Has the U.S. Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq? [ANALYSIS] 5/30/2004
Religious Freedom at the Core of Civil Liberties [ANALYSIS] 5/29/2004
Reform urged to stem rise of hate crimes against Muslims [ANALYSIS] 5/26/2004
Mr. President, What Planet Are You On? [ANALYSIS] 5/28/2004
Dishonest Conclusions [ANALYSIS] 5/27/2004
Think the Unthinkable: Partition Iraq [ANALYSIS] 5/26/2004
'Fahrenheit 9/11': Connecting With a Hard Left [ANALYSIS] 5/26/2004
Responsibility of Kashmiri Leadership [ANALYSIS] 5/25/2004
Muslims Pray for Peace in Middle East [FEATURE] 5/24/2004
Lebanon, Pasadena - Mars [FEATURE] 5/20/2004
An Analysis of Anti-Islamic Polemics [ANALYSIS] 5/21/2004
A Comic Apology [OPINION] 5/21/2004
Human Civilization at the crossroads [OPINION] 5/21/2004
Israel, Suicide Nation [OPINION] 5/20/2004
An ongoing human rights crisis [ANALYSIS] 5/20/2004
Our Abu Ghraib [OPINION] 5/19/2004
The Golem Turns on his Creator [OPINION] 5/18/2004
An Islamic renaissance [OPINION] 5/14/2004
Call to Prayer Stirs a Midwest Town [ANALYSIS] 5/15/2004
Difficult and Challenging times [ANALYSIS] 5/16/2004
Body & Soul [FEATURE] 5/14/2004
Politics of Torture [ANALYSIS] 5/14/2004
Killing Humanity [FEATURE] 5/13/2004
The Crimes at Abu Ghraib Are Not the Worst [ANALYSIS] 5/12/2004
Russia losses handpicked leader in Chechnya [ANALYSIS] 5/12/2004
Open Detention Facilities to Stop Torture [ANALYSIS] 5/11/2004
Assassination Policy Is a Strategic Folly [ANALYSIS] 5/11/2004
What if there were no photos? [ANALYSIS] 5/11/2004
Torturing Iraq in an Unnecessary War [ANALYSIS] 5/8/2004
Why were the Iraqi prisoners Tortured? [ANALYSIS] 5/7/2004
The Seven Phases of Prophet Muhammad's Life [FEATURE] 5/4/2004
When We're the Evildoers in Iraq [ANALYSIS] 5/4/2004
Letter to President Bush from Former U.S. Diplomats [FEATURE] 5/4/2004
Review: Seven Phases of Prophet Muhammad's Life [FEATURE] 5/4/2004
Torture and Civilian Deaths [ANALYSIS] 5/4/2004
America is its own worst enemy in Iraq [ANALYSIS] 5/1/2004