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May 29, 2015 | Sha`ban 11, 1436
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This human mind we have is special and it has a special way of communicating with its Maker. Reflect on the "Signs" of ALLAH. You will be richer for it.

Take Time for Internal Reflection
8/19/2014 - - Article Ref: MO1110-4894
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By: Imam Abdullah El-Amin
Muslim Observer* -

It is not the quantity, but the quality of time spent attempting to follow the guidance of ALLAH that ensures success. ALLAH says in Qur'an that "everything is a sign for those who reflect." Each day, if we just take 10 minutes of quiet, quality time in carefully selected thought procedures, we can improve our life by achieving a greater measure of happiness, increased efficiency, and a feeling of spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. 

So many things whiz by us each day that it is virtually impossible to reflect while we are on the go. You will possibly see these "signs of ALLAH", but not will reflect on them to get the full benefit. So many miraculous things occur during the course of our going about our daily activities. They are happening whether you realize it or not. The key is to first know that ALLAH is in the blessing business and then key in on your blessings by being one of those who "reflect" on the signs of ALLAH. 

This 10 minute formula I am sharing with you has been proven scientifically over time and it is right in sync with ALLAH'S word to "reflect." The plan is to spend 10 minutes every day in quiet submission. It must be regular. To do it for a day or two and then skip a day or two will lessen the impact on the results. 

ALLAH is real, and He will guide you as you submit your mind to Him. Don't go into this process with the idea "I want to do this-or do that. Instead, wait on an answer to enter your mind. You have now made your mind susceptible to Divine wisdom. 

This is in the same vein as the Istikara prayer Muslims say in the early reaches of the night. The difference is, in the istakara prayer, we ask ALLAH to examine our particular situation. It may be a particular relationship or maybe a career move or something similar. We make two rakah and ask ALLAH to make it easy and possible to attain- if it is right for us. If it is not right for us, we ask Him to remove it from us. Istakara is a powerful tool of connection and help from ALLAH. 

This time of reflection is also special because we stop what we are doing, go to a quiet place with no distractions and wait for thoughts to enter our minds. They might not be what you expect or even what you want. They may be far from what we are accustomed to thinking. But if you are a believer and have submitted yourself to be an instrument of ALLAH, you will be on a higher wavelength of righteousness in which there is no error. The time can vary. It may be before salat or after salat-or an hour or so after salat. It doesn't matter. The main thing is quietness, relaxation, and submission of your mind to ALLAH. 

There are many tools and avenues to connect spiritually to our Creator. This is only one. Sometimes while offering salat, solutions and answers come to our minds. I take it as ALLAH choosing a time to communicate with me. Some people think they are sinning if your mind wanders during salat. But it is not necessarily so. It depends on what your mind is wandering to. 

This human mind we have is special and it has a special way of communicating with its Maker. Reflect on the "Signs" of ALLAH. You will be richer for it.


Source: The Muslim Observer



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