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IslamiCity > Articles > U.S. Citizen Gunned Down in Ramallah
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Under Siege: A 21-year old US Citizen, Suraida Saleh, is gunned down by Israeli soldiers in Ramallah, with her 9 month old baby on her lap. Listen to an exclusive interview by Amy Goodman (Pacifica Radio) with Farhan Mohammed Saleh, from Ramallah.
Audio U.S. Citizen Gunned Down in Ramallah

U.S. Citizen Gunned Down in Ramallah
4/4/2002 - Social Political - Article Ref: IN0204-416
Number of comments: 203
By: Pacifica Radio
Independent* -

April 4th Update: (From Pacifica Radio) "The Office of Consular Affairs at the State Department told Democracy Now! on Tuesday that they were aware that Suraida was a U.S. citizen, but did not plan to release a statement or take any action. We asked a State department spokesperson to appear on the show today, but they declined our offer. Instead, we are joined today by two of Sureida's US-based relatives: her sister Samar is on the phone from her Brooklyn home, where she is watching her two children. Suraida's cousin, Suhad, joins us in the studio." Listen to the program (at Pacifica)

A 21-year-old U.S. citizen, Suraida Saleh, is gunned down by Israeli soldiers in Ramullah; the State Department knows, but does nothing; her father buries her in the hospital parking lot because the hospital morgue is overflowing and under the state of siege no one can get to the cemetery.

Israeli soldiers on Friday shot and killed Suraida Saleh in Ramallah as she was holding her 9-month old baby in her lap. She and her husband were driving to safety at her father's house after hearing shooting near their home. Suraida Saleh was a Palestinian-American, born in George Washington Hospital, in Washington, D.C.

Reached on the phone today in Ramallah, her father Farhan Mohammed Saleh, told Democracy Now! (at Pacifica Radio) that Israeli soldiers asked the husband to stop the car and started shooting. He said they shot Suraida in the head and chest, and she died immediately. After shooting the husband repeatedly, they let him go. He took the baby from his dead wife's lap and stumbled up the road to the home of his father-in-law, where he collapsed.

With the Ramallah hospital morgue overflowing and Israeli soldiers preventing anyone from reaching the cemetery, Saleh said he was forced to bury his daughter in the hospital parking lot alongside dozens of other Palestinians.

Suraida's father, Farhan Mohammed Saleh, wept as he said: "I took her out of the hospital refrigerator [morgue] with my own hands, and my wife and my older son with me, we took her outside and put her in the ground, just temporary."

On Tuesday, April 3rd, Democracy Now! spoke to the Office of Consular Affairs at the State Department. The office said the State Department was aware that Suraida Saleh was a U.S. citizen, but did not plan to release a statement or take any action. Farhan Mohammed Saleh said that the State Department has done nothing.

As he spoke, you could hear his grandson crying in the background. "[My grandson] is with me now. He is 9 months old, I don't know what's going to happen with him without his mother. You know, he's crying all the time, that's what makes me suffer."

Details of Sureida's death were obtained by American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice ( They emailed, called and faxed major media for two days and no one picked up the story. Today is the first time the voice of Farhan Mohammed Saleh [FMS], the father of Suraida, will be broadcast nationwide. The following is a partial transcript of the interview that Amy Goodman [AG], host of the radio and television show Democracy Now!, did with Farhan Mohammed Saleh in Ramullah.

Farhan Mohammed Saleh [FMS]: ...some of the neighbors, when they hear the shooting and saw her in the car, they call the ambulance... she stayed in the refrigerator [hospital morgue] from Friday morning up to yesterday evening [5 days]. ... I took her out of the hospital refrigerator with my own hands, and my wife and my older son with me, we took her outside and put her in the ground, just temporary, somewhere in the hospital, until they can take her to the cemetery.

Amy Goodman [AG]: You buried your daughter in the parking lot?

FMS: Yes, yes, she was with 2 more women, the men were buried separately. It is a temporary cemetery they make...

AG: How many other people are buried in the parking lot?

FMS: About 25 or 27 people. Three women were yesterday, and about 23 or 24 men.

AG: Why couldn't you get to the cemetery?

FMS: Nobody can go to the cemetery, there was shooting going everywhere. They just give 1 or 2 hours to the people to see their dead. We passed from the side of the tanks and the soldiers, and we was scared... [my grandson] is with me now. He is 9 months old, I don't know what's going to happen with him without his mother. You know, he's crying all the time, that's what makes me suffer. [Crying of baby in the background]

AG: Has the US embassy come to see you?

FMS: Nobody, nobody up to now. My other daughter in Brooklyn, she called the Department of State in the U.S. and gave them all the information and they called the American Embassy in Jerusalem, and gave them my phone number. They called me Friday or Saturday, and I told them what's happening, and they say they are going to come and nobody came. And they called me Sunday morning and say they're going to come and nobody showed up, up to now. I called 2 or 3 times and I talked with some people working and nobody has shown up to now, nobody has seen me up to now. I don't know what I'm going to do with the baby now. [He begins to weep.]

It's a bad situation, a bad situation we have really, we just ask God to help her. It's killing people everywhere, in the streets, in the houses. They broke down the houses, the buildings, they get inside the houses and the apartments and they kill people and break down everything. That's barbarism. That's the situation we have. I don't know where are the human rights? The US and all the world, they're calling for human rights - where are the human rights? Civilian people, they're killing everywhere, in the streets and the houses and the apartments. Some buildings have 10 to 15 apartments, they get inside the apartments and houses and are killing everywhere,

AG: Farhan Mohammed Saleh, we're going to try to get more comment from the US State Department.

FMS: They going to help me the kids, to make his life, I don't know what they're going to do, [the son-in-law] a very poor little guy, he wasn't not working from the time when they were married.

AG: He's in the hospital now?

FMS: When I go to the hospital, I took him with me. He saw her before the burial, and the doctor said go with me. He's with me now.

AG: Farhan Mohammed Saleh, thank you for being with us, and we will check back with you.

FMS: I appreciate your call, thank you very much.

Source: Democracy Now! at Pacifica Radio


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