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July 30, 2015 | Shawwal 13, 1436
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IslamiCity > Articles > Mi'raaj - Reviving the Spirit of Hope
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Prophet 'Isa /Jesus (pbuh) was responding with loving words to a group of people who were abusive in speech towards him.
Audio Mi'raaj - Reviving the Spirit of Hope

Mi'raaj - Reviving the Spirit of Hope
5/19/2015 - Religious Education Social - Article Ref: IC0708-3336
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By: Sadullah Khan
IslamiCity* -

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The Isra' and Mi'raaj is a momentous occasion that occurred at a very crucial stage in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This uplifting (mi'raj = ascend) experience took place in the year the Prophet lost two of his valuable pillars of support; his uncle Abu Talib (whose political authority and care for the Prophet prevented the Makkans from harming the Prophet) and Khadijah (Prophet's beloved wife, confidante, partner and financier of the nascent Islamic movement). It was after the mi'raaj that the Prophet had to leave Makkah, yet that departure marked a turning point for the nascent Muslim community and changed the course of history. There are many practical and spiritual lessons we derive from the Mi'raaj; but we focus here primarily on the attitude of hope that it inspires through the life-lessons from the example of the Prophet (pbuh).

Ideal Attitude towards the Future
Our attitude towards the future influences our mind-set towards the rest of our life. Being positive about life ahead is among life's greatest motivators. Hope is the best attitude towards the future; this realistic expectation that something good or better could/will happen if only we continue doing the best we can. The human potential for hope is an essential antidote to despair and to harboring a positive attitude towards the future. 
Hope is ... anticipation, belief, confidence, aspiration, expectancy, optimism. Hope is the motivational desire that you keep inside of you while waiting for the results or outcome of an event. It is the thoughts that you keep in your mind that anticipate an outcome (positive, good, pleasant, rewarding, relieving, happy outcome) that you want. Hope is obtained with optimism, looking for solutions where others see only problems. Hope is our desire to excel and to achieve, despite the odds.

Prophetic Model of Hope; Inspirational & Empowering 
The entire life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a living example of the quality of hope in action - he patiently persevered, despite insurmountable odds and hardships, in the face of enemies numerically larger and stronger, yet despite all of this, he never gave up hope of establishing the Religion of Islam; and never failed to inspire those around him

Inspiring others

FIRST INVITATION: When Allah instructed the Prophet [Q 26:214] to invite his relatives to Islam, no one believed except a young 11 year-old boy named 'Ali. He was mocked for having only a little boy supporting him. Yet, history documents the greatness of both the Prophet's success and the little boy's unwavering dedication. 

Not Despair in Self
Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet, was sent by the Quraysh to negotiate with the Prophet in an attempt to have his influence minimized and the Prophet had the positive attitude and confidence to say; O my uncle! Even if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I will not deviate from my mission; either I succeed in my task or I perish in the process. This, at a time when the nascent Muslim community were few in number and about to be under political and economic siege. 

Not Despair in Situation
KHANDAQ: Surrounded by a confederation of armies, under siege, The Prophet participates with his companions in digging a trench around the city of Madinah; he hits the rock with his pick and sparks fly. Salman al-Farsi (who gave the idea of the Trench) asks ... O Prophet! What is the bright sparks I saw the three times you struck the rock with the pick? The Prophet replied: As for the first strike, I saw in the spark the palaces of Shaam, which Allah opened to us. As for the second, I saw the palaces of Persia and it's bright cities, which Allah opened to us, As for the third; Allah presented us with the keys of Yemen and saw the doors of San'aa. 
He was saying this to a group of people who were surrounded by enemies, not sure whether they would live to see the next day; yet he inspired them with his confidence and hopeful attitude with hope of a glorious future, a glory that his people eventually realized.

HIJRAH: The Prophet was avoiding the Quraysh trackers who were bent on killing him, and he and his companion (Abu Bakr) hid in a cave on Mount Thawr outside Makkah. His friend was fearful and the Prophet motivated him by saying (as the Qur'an documents 9:40) do not be aggrieved, Allah is with us.


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