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May 23, 2018 | Ramadan 9, 1439
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why should I advertise at IslamiCity?
A. For many reasons and chief among them; (a) IslamiCity gives massive exposure to your business, (b) It is cheaper than print medium, and (c) Your advertising is verifiable unlike other mediums. 

Q. How could I benefit from advertising at IslamiCity?
A. IslamiCity and all its subsidiaries offers you a niche and focused audience with high disposable income. Unlike print medium advertising at IslamiCity is not only cheaper but tracks the campaign performance.  For example, a full page ad in an Islamic Magazine costs between $1000 and $1200 for approx 50,000 copies published once in every two months without any verifying mechanism if your ad performed as well as you wanted it to. Advertising at IslamiCity provides a 100% verifiable report showing the number of times your ad is seen by visitors and the number of times they clicked through to your web site.

Q. Do I get discounts for long term campaigns?
A. Yes & no.  We offer volume based discounts on campaigns. You will get discounts for short term 3 to 6 month campaigns and long term beyond 6 month campaigns but not if the volume of the campaign is small. We also offer discounts for not-for-profit organizations.

Q. What's the difference & advantages between short term and long term campaigns?
A. Difference: The short term campaign can range anywhere between three to six months and long term campaigns range beyond six months. Advantages: The most notable advantages for advertisers with term commitments are, discounts and price protection during Ramadan & Hajj. 

Q. How about the peak season rates?
A. They are higher than the off season rates and are announced few weeks before the peak season begins.  Ramadan rates are usually announced around Rajab and the Hajj rates are announced a month earlier.

Q. Why are some IslamiCity rates different than others?
A. Each site and zone has its own dynamics and is priced accordingly. The pricing scheme in the internet world is no different than in offline medium. As we know a national newspaper (Los Angeles Times) or an international media outlet like CNN or BBC will have a totally different price structure than your local newspaper or radio station.  Our rates reflect such dynamics.

Q. Can I have my ad only on the home page of IslamiCity?
A. You can have your ad anywhere you want including home page. However you may like to note the following variables. Ads are placed on pages that can give you maximum exposure.  A majority of the traffic that is received by IslamiCity comes organically through search (Google, Bing, Ask...) and not just from our home page.  So by limiting your campaign strictly to our home page you may not reach our entire audience.

Q. How can I know if my ad is performing well?
A. You'll be provided with access to our banner management system to follow the performance of your campaign.  In addition to this, you may also receive a weekly summary automatically emailed out to you.

Q. Can I have more than one banner in my campaign?
A. Of course yes, you can have as many banners as you want in a given campaign. In fact we strongly recommend you to always have more than one banner in a campaign. This helps increase click thru rate.

Q. I do not know how to design a banner ad?
A. Well, our designers will be glad to assist you in designing your ad.  Please contact us for rates.  We strongly suggest that you work with a designer who's readily accessible to you and who can understand your desires and needs and translate that graphically in an effective fashion.

Q. What does 'impressions' mean?
A. Impressions simply mean number of times an ad is seen or shown. For example, 1000 impressions means that your ad will be shown 1000 times. To learn more about web advertising terminology please click here.

Q. What does Click Thru's mean?
A. A click thru simply mean that when an ad is clicked and the visitor reaches your site, also known as destination or target site. Advertisers design their ads to achieve maximum click thru. The higher the click thru rate the better the ad is. 

Q. Who is iViews.com?
A. iViews is a fully owned subsidiary of IslamiCity and focuses on news and views from Islamic perspective.  Content on this site is typically more political in nature.  Please let us know if you prefer to advertise on iViews.

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