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June 1, 2023 | Dhul-Qa`dah 13, 1444
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 Sponsorships with IslamiCity

NOTICE: IslamiCity has discontinued it's banner advertising program effective September 14, 2015. We are not selling new banner campaigns.

Please be patient while we develop a new sponsorship model. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

Over a million people choose IslamiCity every month for objective, mainstream, and credible information about the Islamic religion, world cultures, education, and news. Since 1995 IslamiCity has been a dependable resource for Muslims and those interested in Islam to come together.

Our sponsors are very important to the long-term sustainability of our work. Many choose to sponsor IslamiCity simply to support our projects and outreach efforts. Others are looking to increase brand awareness in the Muslim community.

IslamiCity offers sponsors direct access to a niche market, namely Muslims with highly disposable income in North America and beyond. We recognize the challenge of identifying and reaching the Muslim marketplace. Our strong established brand, and community trust, has helped us become the largest global online Muslim community. This niche community could be yours today!

About our Advertisements & Advertisers:
We manage all the ad placements (zones) on sites.  Great care is taken in the creation of internal creatives that promote our products and services, and a thorough screening process is conducted to screen our advertisers (and their creatives) before they are placed on our sites.  However, we also have allocated some of our zones to 3rd party network advertisements.  While we have taken every precaution to filter out potentially offensive content, it is possible that some may slip through.  If you come across advertisements that you find offensive, please let us know.


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