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December 16, 2018 | Rabi` Al-Thani 8, 1440
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The program does not include meals. The following information give you an idea what kind of food available there.

Very much all restaurant and groceries in Saudi Arabia serve sabiha halal food.

Each region and sometimes even within a city, one can experience unique variations of the same dish. Some popular mouth-watering items include:

  • Pelav Rice

  • Whole Baked Goat

  • Oven Baked Tandoor Bread (Non)

  • Foool

  • Shawarma

  • and More

Traditional dinners can be enjoyed anyways in road side cafes. Tandoor bread is generally flat, varies in sizes with different baking techniques. Just the fresh bread in itself is a meal many a times. One can find people of all ages chowing down bread by itself all the time. Fresh tandoor bread is baked everywhere, around the corner, restaurants, exclusive bread bakeries, etc.

Many type of American meals and beverages, such as Mc Donald, juices, soft drink, bottle water, milk are available there.

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