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January 22, 2019 | Jumada Al-Awwal 16, 1440
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Summer 2004 Turkey Tour!    
11 Days/10 Nights Tour from July 27 - Aug 7, 2004

This is a fully guided tour. Visit the impressive structures made by the most powerful Empires, Byzantine and Ottoman. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Bosphorus see with a private boat trip. Interact with Muslims of Turkey today and strengthen the bonds of the Ummah.

The Turkey Tour - US$1995.00 per person without airfare or US$3095.00 with airfare from either Chicago or New York to Istanbul & back.  Participants are free to make their own flight arrangements to/from Istanbul if they prefer. See itinerary to select suitable dates for your flights. Participants are required to make their own visa arrangements, if needed (all non-Turkish nationals need a visa).

  • $1995.00 INCLUDES:
     - Accommodation (10 nights), Daily 3 Halal Meals, Ground Transportation (Bus & Train Fares), Sites Entrance, Guide Fees & all applicable taxes.
  • $3095.00 INCLUDES:
     - All of the above + air fare from Chicago or New York to Istanbul and back. Participants must arrange their own travel from their point of origination to Chicago or New York.
    $500 Deposit (non-refundable) by June 30, 2004.
    Remaining Balance (refundable with 20% penalty) by July 15, 2004.
    The program consists of a 11-day/10-night study tour of Turkish Empire. Participants must join the group at the designated hotel in Sultanahmet, the center of old Istanbul. 

This unique tour operates completely in an Islamic environment and specializes in Turkish culture & Islamic Ottoman's history. The historic sites and monuments covered in this tour are beyond those covered in typical tourist contexts. Interaction with indigenous Muslims, religious leaders, scholars & professionals provides an experience that is not offered elsewhere. Please note that this is not a deen-intensive studies program. The focus is on history, culture and society, primarily relying on the living experience of Muslims in Turkey.



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