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June 2, 2023 | Dhul-Qa`dah 14, 1444
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IslamiCity > Education > Islam & Science
The Qur’an & Science

by Harun Yahya

also watch Creation of the Universe  

  • The Qur'an and Creation

The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution against the Fact of Creation

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He (Allah) it is Who has created the heavens and the earth in accordance with an (inner) truth - and whenever He says, “Be”, His word comes true… (Surat al-An’am, 73)


  • The Qur'an and Anthropology

The Stories of the Perished Communities in the Qur’an in the Light of Anthropological Findings

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How many a generation have We destroyed before their time - (and) can you perceive any one of them (now), or hear any whisper of them? --(Surah Maryam, 98)


  • The Animals Mentioned in the Qur'an

The Miracles in the Animals Specifically Mentioned in the Qur’an

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Are they, then, not aware that it is for them that We have created, among all the things which Our hands have wrought, animals of which they are (now) masters? - and that We have subjected them to men’s will…?   --(  Surah Yasin, 71-72)


  • The Signs of the Qur'an in the Heavens and the Earth

The Miracles in the Heavens and the Earth

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Verily in the heavens and the earth, are Signs for those who believe. And in the creation of yourselves and in (that of) all the animals which He scatters (over the earth) are Signs for those of assured Faith.                             --(Surat al-Jathiyah, 3-4)


  • Relativity in the Qur’an

Allah... it is Who encompasses the whole time and space

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Verily a Day in the sight of your Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning  --(Surat al-Hajj, 47)


  • The Concept of Matter in the Qur’an

The Mystery of Matter and the Real Absolute Being

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But to Allah belong all things in the heavens and on earth: And He it is that Encompasseth all things. --(Surat an-Nisa, 126)



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