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•  The Relativity of Time and the Reality of Fate
•  The Perception of Time
•  The Scientific Explanation of Timelessness
•  Relativity in the Qur’an
•  Destiny
•  The Details that Materialists Have Difficulty in Comprehending


The Relativity of Time and the Reality of Fate

Everything related above demonstrates that a "three-dimensional space" does not exist in reality, that it is a prejudice completely inspired by perceptions and that one leads one’s whole life in "spacelessness". To assert the contrary would be to hold a superstitious belief removed from reason and scientific truth, for there is no valid proof of the existence of a three-dimensional material world. 

This fact refutes the primary assumption of the materialist philosophy that underlies evolutionary theory. This is the assumption that matter is absolute and eternal. The second assumption upon which the materialistic philosophy rests is the supposition that time is absolute and eternal. This is as superstitious as the first one.

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