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•  The Mystery of Matter
•  The World of Electrical Signals
•  How do We See?
•  "The External World" is Inside the Brain
•  Is the Existence of the "External World" Indispensable?
•  The World in Our Dreams
•  Who is the Perceiver?
•  The Real Absolute Being
•  Everything that you Possess Is Intrinsically Illusory
•  Logical Defects of the Materialists
•  The Example of Dreams
•  The Example of Connecting the Nerves in Parallel
•  There is no Scientific Evidence that Perceptions have Physical Correlates
•  The Formation of Perceptions in the Brain is not Philosophy but Scientific Fact
•  Conclusion


There is no Scientific Evidence that Perceptions have Physical Correlates

Each of the examples given by the materialists in reply to the fact that matter is a perception shows how far removed they are from comprehending the subject. Another example of this is a materialist view that accepts that the external world is perceived in the brain as an image but then divides the images into two categories: images having material correlates and those that do not. This view then claims that the images in the brain have material correlates.

What is the scientific evidence of the claim that the images in the brain have correlates in the external world?

There is no scientific evidence for this. No one has any knowledge or evidence about the outside of the brain. Everything a human being sees and perceives exists in the brain as images. It is impossible to know whether there is anything outside the brain by relying on the images inside the brain. Therefore, the claim of this materialist that "the images in the brain have physical correlates" is merely a futile allegation. It is impossible for him to put forward any scientific evidence to prove this allegation.

The materialist writer answers this point by saying "I do not know whether the images in my brain have correlates in the external world or not but the same thing applies when I speak on the phone. When I speak on the telephone, I cannot see the person I am speaking to but I can have this conversation confirmed when I later see him face to face".

By saying so, this writer actually means the following: if we doubt our perceptions, we can look at the matter itself and check its reality. However, it is impossible for us to reach the matter itself. We can never get out of our mind and know what is "outside".

Whether the voice on the phone has a correlate or not can be confirmed by the person on the phone. However, this confirmation is also imagery experienced by the mind. Conceding that everything is perceived in the brain but assuming that the confirmation stage is independent of this reveals how limited is the perceptive capacity of the person and shows that he does not understand this concept at all. However, this logic is easily captured by a healthy person with a normal level of understanding. Each unbiased person would know, in relation to all that we have said, that it is not possible for him to test the existence of the external world with his senses. No one with common sense would claim that events occur in his brain up to a certain point, but that they afterwards go on to occur somewhere else other than his brain. By whom, then, will he confirm whether the images in his brain have correlates or not? To the shadow beings in his brain again? Without doubt it is impossible for materialists to find a source of information that can yield data concerning the outside of the brain and confirm it.

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