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•  The Mystery of Matter
•  The World of Electrical Signals
•  How do We See?
•  "The External World" is Inside the Brain
•  Is the Existence of the "External World" Indispensable?
•  The World in Our Dreams
•  Who is the Perceiver?
•  The Real Absolute Being
•  Everything that you Possess Is Intrinsically Illusory
•  Logical Defects of the Materialists
•  The Example of Dreams
•  The Example of Connecting the Nerves in Parallel
•  There is no Scientific Evidence that Perceptions have Physical Correlates
•  The Formation of Perceptions in the Brain is not Philosophy but Scientific Fact
•  Conclusion


The Formation of Perceptions in the Brain is not Philosophy but Scientific Fact

Materialists claim that what we have been saying here is a philosophical view. However, to hold that the "external world", as we call it, is a collection of perceptions is not a matter of philosophy but a plain scientific fact. How the image and feelings form in the brain is taught in all medical schools in detail. Everyone who believes in science, be he an atheist, Buddhist, or anyone who holds another view has to accept this fact. A materialist might deny the existence of a Creator yet he cannot deny this scientific reality. The inability of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Georges Politzer and others in comprehending such a simple and evident fact can be regarded as normal to a certain extent considering the level of scientific understanding and possibilities of their times but it is nevertheless startling. In our own time, science and technology are highly advanced and recent discoveries make it easier to comprehend this fact. Yet, it is indeed very surprising that there are still materialists who do not understand it.

These facts, proven by the 20th century science, and particularly by physics, clearly show that matter does not have an absolute reality and that everyone in a sense is watching the "monitor in his brain".

However, materialists today, and especially Marxists, are coming to realise this fact. This is why they say in their own publications that this subject is more important than the theory of evolution, since it is directed straight to the essence of matter. As they come to perceive the scientific realities and think on them, they have gradually begun to comprehend the subject. If they consider the issue more honestly, we think they will soon understand that the concept of matter (including the brain) that they elevate so much is in fact an illusion perceived in the brain.

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