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•  The Mystery of Matter
•  The World of Electrical Signals
•  How do We See?
•  "The External World" is Inside the Brain
•  Is the Existence of the "External World" Indispensable?
•  The World in Our Dreams
•  Who is the Perceiver?
•  The Real Absolute Being
•  Everything that you Possess Is Intrinsically Illusory
•  Logical Defects of the Materialists
•  The Example of Dreams
•  The Example of Connecting the Nerves in Parallel
•  There is no Scientific Evidence that Perceptions have Physical Correlates
•  The Formation of Perceptions in the Brain is not Philosophy but Scientific Fact
•  Conclusion


The Example of Dreams

The best example to explain this reality are dreams. A person can experience very realistic events in his dream. He can roll down the stairs and break his leg, have a serious car accident, get stuck under a bus, or eat a cake and be satiated. Similar events to those experienced in our daily lives are also experienced in dreams with the same persuasiveness and rousing the same feelings in us.

A person who dreams that he is knocked down by a bus can open his eyes in a hospital again in his dream and understand that he is disabled, but this all would be a dream. He can also dream that he dies in a car crash, angels of death take his soul, and his life in the hereafter begins. (This event is experienced in the same manner in this life, which is a perception just like the dream.)

This person very sharply perceives the images, sounds, feeling of hardness, light, colours, and all other feelings pertaining to the event he experiences in his dream. The perceptions he perceives in his dream are as natural as the ones in "real" life. The cake he eats in his dream satiates him although it is a mere perception, because being satiated is also a perception.

However, in reality, this person is lying in his bed at that moment. There are no stairs, no traffic, no buses to consider. The dreaming person experiences and sees perceptions and feelings that do not exist in the external world. The fact that in our dreams, we experience, see, and feel events with no physical correlates in the "external world" very clearly reveals that the "external world" absolutely consists of mere perceptions.

Those who believe in the materialist philosophy, and particularly the Marxists, are enraged when they are told about this reality, the essence of matter. They quote examples from the superficial reasoning of Marx, Engels, or Lenin and make emotional declarations. However, these persons can also make these declarations in their dreams. In their dream, they can also read Das Kapital, participate in meetings, fight with the police, get hit on the head, and feel the pain of their wounds. When they are asked in their dreams, they will think that what they experience in their dreams also consists of "absolute matter"-just as they assume the things they see when they are awake are "absolute matter". However, be it in their dream or in their daily lives, all that is seen, experienced, or felt consists only of perceptions.

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