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•  The Mystery of Matter
•  The World of Electrical Signals
•  How do We See?
•  "The External World" is Inside the Brain
•  Is the Existence of the "External World" Indispensable?
•  The World in Our Dreams
•  Who is the Perceiver?
•  The Real Absolute Being
•  Everything that you Possess Is Intrinsically Illusory
•  Logical Defects of the Materialists
•  The Example of Dreams
•  The Example of Connecting the Nerves in Parallel
•  There is no Scientific Evidence that Perceptions have Physical Correlates
•  The Formation of Perceptions in the Brain is not Philosophy but Scientific Fact
•  Conclusion


Logical Defects of the Materialists

Since the beginning of this chapter, it is clearly stated that matter is not an absolute being as the materialists claim but rather a collection of senses created by Allah. Materialists resist in an extremely dogmatic manner this evident reality which destroys their philosophy and bring forward baseless anti-theses.

For example, one of the biggest advocates of the materialist philosophy in the 20th century, an ardent Marxist, George Politzer, gave the "bus example" as the "greatest evidence" for the existence of matter. According to Politzer, philosophers who think that matter is a perception also run away when they see a bus and this is the proof of the physical existence of matter.1:(149)popwinmarkerend

When another famous materialist, Johnson, was told that matter is a collection of perceptions, he tried to "prove" the physical existence of stones by giving them a kick.

A similar example is given by Friedrich Engels, the mentor of Politzer and the founder of dialectic materialism along with Marx, who wrote "if the cakes we eat were mere perceptions, they would not stop our hunger".(151)

There are similar examples and impetuous sentences such as "you understand the existence of matter when you are slapped in the face" in the books of famous materialists such as Marx, Engels, Lenin, and others.

The disorder in comprehension that gives way to these examples of the materialists is their interpreting the explanation of "matter is a perception" as "matter is a trick of light". They think that the concept of perception is only limited to sight and that perceptions like touching have a physical correlate. A bus knocking a man down makes them say "Look, it crashed, therefore it is not a perception". What they do not understand is that all perceptions experienced during a bus crash such as hardness, collision, and pain are formed in the brain.

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