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•  Honey Bees and the Architectural Wonders of Honeycombs
•  Amazing Architects: Termites
•  The Woodpecker
•  The Sonar System of Bats
•  Whales
•  The Design in The Gnat
•  Hunting Birds with Keen Eyesight
•  The Thread of the Spider
•  An Intelligent Plan by Animals: Camouflage
•  Hibernating Animals
•  Electrical Fish
•  Special Freezing System
•  An Interesting Camouflage Technique: Parrot Fish
•  Cuttlefish
•  Different Seeing Systems
•  Albatrosses
•  An Arduous Migration
•  Koalas
•  Hunting Ability in Constant Position
•  The Design In Bird Feathers
•  A Living Being Able to Walk On Water: Basilisk
•  Photosynthesis



In the previous sections of the book, we examined why the Theory of Evolution, which proposes that life was not created, is a fallacy completely contrary to scientific facts. We saw that modern science has revealed a very explicit fact through certain branches of science such as paleontology, biochemistry, and anatomy. This fact is that all living beings are created by Allah.

In fact, to notice this fact one does not necessarily need to appeal to the complicated results obtained in biochemistry laboratories or geological excavations. The signs of an extraordinary wisdom are discernible in whatever living being one observes. There is a great technology and design in the body of an insect or a tiny fish in the depths of the sea never attained by human beings. Some living beings which even do not have a brain perfectly perform so complicated tasks as not to be accomplished even by human beings.

This great wisdom, design and plan that prevails over entire nature no doubt proves to provide solid evidence for the existence of a supreme Creator dominating over whole nature, who is Allah. Allah has furnished all living beings with extraordinary features and showed men the evident signs of His existence and might.

In the following pages, we will examine only a few of the countless evidences of Creation in nature.

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