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 Shaikh Ahmet Karamete
Sr. Susan Tabbaa Nashawati

Sr. Susan Tabbaa Nashawati (#1) Has memorized the Qur'an, learned Islamic and Qur'anic studies under several teachers, and is accredited to teach Quranic recitation by one of the most respected Quran school in Syria. She has worked as a teacher for Qur'anic and Islamic studies at the Orange County School and the Amana School in California (USA). 
She has a MS. in Electrical Engineering and working toward her PhD and is currently a lecturer in California State University of Long Beach.

Shaikh Ahmet Karamete (#4) was born in a small town in Turkey where he memorized the Holy Quran when he was 13-years old. In an effort to refine his Tajweed and Adaa skills, Sheikh Karamete migrated to Istanbul, where he studied under the mentorship of some of the most respected and knowledgeable scholars of Quranic recitation.
He later studied the 10 different styles of reading the Quran and obtained certification as a Qurra Hafiz for all of them.
Sheikh Karamete served 38 years as an Imam and a Khatib in the famous Sisli Camii mosque in Istanbul. He taught the science and techniques of reciting the Quran to scores of students. He currently leads daily prayers in Masjid Omar Ibn-Al-Khattab Mosque in Los Angeles, California, where he also conducts tajweed classes.

Muar Talib (#3) qari and hafiz. He is originally from Palestine and learned his Qirat from masters in Palestine and Kuwait. He currently lives in Las Vegas






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