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Sura 4 - Ayat 70
An-Nisa (The Women)

4:70 Thalika alfadlu mina Allahi wakafa biAllahi AAaleeman

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Topics discussed in this Ayat:
[Allah:is sufficient] [Allah's attributes:Knows all things] [Free will ( Freewill ):Free will ( to train human will )]

English (Yusuf Ali): (Recite)
4:70 Such is the bounty from Allah. And sufficient is it that Allah knoweth all.

4:70 Bu fazl (bol ihsan), Allah'tandir. Bilen olarak Allah yeter.

4:70 Cette grce vient d'Allah. Et Allah suffit comme Parfait Connaisseur.

4:70 Solche Gnade ist von Allah, und Allah wei zur Genge.

4:70 As es el favor de Al. Al basta como omnisciente.

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