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May 22, 2015 | Sha`ban 4, 1436
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IslamiCity > Kids Corner > Poem
 Welcome Masood's Poem Collection

" ...those who attain to faith, and do good works, and enjoin upon one another the keeping to truth, and enjoin upon one another patience in adversity... "  Qur'an 103:3



And We Call Ourselves Believers...

  In the time of the Prophet, even the hypocrites prayed in the masjid every day.
And we call ourselves believers, but in a masjid many of us hardly ever pray.

They would fast in Ramadan and they would give some money in zakat too.
And we call ourselves believers; would our bellies and pockets say we're true?

They acted and they prayed as if they were the true lovers of this deen.
And we call ourselves believers, but is salah even in our daily routine?

They gave money in sadaqa, even though it caused their hearts much pain.
And we call ourselves believers, yet in sadaqa, many of us totally refrain.

They acted as if they loved the Quran, they memorized it and all.
And we call ourselves believers, but many of us only hang it on our wall.

They even went to the masjid when they heard Bilal's mighty call.
And we call ourselves believers; yet many miss salah for stuff like the mall.

They pretended that they loved you, they would even hug and kiss you.
And we call ourselves believers; yet anger runs between some of us like a flu.

They followed some sunnah, however they did it just for show.
And we call ourselves believers, yet the sunnah many of us just forgo.

They said La ilaha illalah, but will go to the Nar because they weren't sincere.
And we call ourselves believers, yet to the deen, many of us don't adhere.

In there hearts was a nasty disease, yet they acted as if they really cared.
And we call ourselves believers, and yet, its our actions that seem impaired.

Comparing ourselves to those hypocrites is an interesting perspective.
And we call ourselves believers, yet even compared to them many of us seem defective.

They were the enemies of Allah, yet to Him they acted as if they were dear,
And we call ourselves believers; well then, lets put this faith of ours in gear!



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