This "how to" manual on learning and practicing Islam in America helps to fill a long unmet need. Its very existence bodes well for the future of Islam in America and, in sha'Allah, for the future moral leadership of America in the world.

The future of Islam in America will depend on how well American-born Muslims, African-American, Euro-American (including Hispanics), and Native American, can develop leadership within the overall Muslim community or Umma. If the Umma is finally maturing into a positive and creative force in America, capable of bringing out the best of America's traditionalist past, the primary reason is the heroic effort of a few muhajirin and ansar, like Sisters Muzaffar Halim from Pakistan and Betty Bowman, who are the two authors of this book, The Sun is Rising in the West.

Sister Muzaffar has an intense mission to support the struggling new Muslim in America and has prepared the first half of the book to acquaint the new Muslims in America and has prepared the first half of this book to aquaint the new Muslims with others embarked on this demanding new life so they know they are not alone and can share their joy in Islam. Sister Betty Bowman in the second half provides invaluable short expositions of the basics of Islam. These range from how to perform the obligatory formal prayer, and the role of prayer in the paradigm of Islamic law, key points in the history of Islam, a sixty-page glossary of terms, which may be the most useful part of the book for some new Muslims, and selected bibliographies on the Qur'an, sirah or life of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), and Islam generally.

Dr. Robert Dickson Crane, President
The Center for Public Policy Research
Santa Fe, New Mexico - July 4, 1998

Journey To Islam

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