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September 1, 2014 | Dhul-Qa`dah 7, 1435
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Senseless Killings in the Name of Islam
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8/28/2014 - Religious - IC1408-5933
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* -

In Islam Peace is the standard, it is the principle, and each person of faith has the moral obligation to maintain peace, without compromising on justice and truth. Islam invites to the subul as-salam (pathway of peace); peace of mind, peace of conscience, ... ) ... More 
How the Quran shapes the brain
Number of comments: 7

8/26/2014 - Religious Science Education - IC1202-5025
By: Mohamed Ghilan - IslamiCity* -

The very first thing taught to an aspiring student was the Quran, which had to be memorized completely. Unlike anything else encountered in spoken Arabic, Quran recitation is a very specific science.) ... More 
Why a non-Muslim should know the Koran
Number of comments: 15

How to Review What You've Memorized of the Quran
Number of comments: 1

8/26/2014 - Religious Education - SW1212-5356
By: Maryam Amirebrahimi - SuhaibWeb.com* -

I have tried numerous methods throughout my years of memorizing. Sometimes I would stop memorizing for months at a time and only focus on review (although this always failed when I didn't have a teacher who could help me stay on track because I ended up wasting precious months without review or memorization). ) ... More 
Suggestions for Designing and Building Muslim Houses
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8/23/2014 - Religious Social - IC1408-5929
By: Dr. Spahic Omer - IslamiCity* -

Muslim houses must facilitate the privacy protection among the family members inside the house's realm. As a minimum requirement, every Muslim house should have a room for parents, another room for female children, and yet another room for male children. ) ... More 
A reflection on divine love
Number of comments: 3

8/19/2014 - Religious - SA1106-4726
By: Hamza Yusuf - Sandala* -

Many Muslims believe that the idea, "God loves everyone," is simply wrong and incongruous with Islamic teachings. Verses abound in the Qur'an decrying those God does not love: liars, hypocrites, oppressors, the arrogant, boastful braggarts, and those who love praise for that which they have not done, among others.) ... More 
Look in the mirror
Number of comments: 9

8/19/2014 - Religious Education - IC0811-3726
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* -

When I look in the mirror, who is that looking back? Am I who I appear to be? Do I try to mask the interior of my personhood by decorating the exterior with designer labels ..) ... More 
Intention of Hajj Audio
Number of comments: 9

8/17/2014 - Religious - IC0610-3148
By: Ayub A. Hamid - IslamiCity* -

The significance of Hajj as a pillar of Islam is quite evident from the reward this act of worship brings to its performer ..) ... More 
Seven Reasons to Perform Hajj While Young
Number of comments: 5

8/16/2014 - Religious - SW1205-5112
By: Ibn Shaima - SuhaibWeb.com* -

From a young age, many of us dream of going to Hajj, to see the Kaba in person, the Station of Ibrahim, drink ZamZam, perform tawaaf, wear the white garments of Hajj, and be with brothers and sisters from around the world in the greatest international gathering in the history of humanity. It is a rare opportunity for forgiveness, for change, for turning to the Creator, and for Paradise, inshaAllah (God willing).) ... More 
Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution in Islam
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8/13/2014 - Social Religious - IC1408-5924
By: Siraj Islam Mufti - IslamiCity* -

The Islamic principles of peace-building enunciated in the Qur'an also affirm that all of human beings have a common origin ("nafsin wahidatin"). In fact, this basic concept is enshrined in the very first words that a Muslim says when he/she is born or on accepting Islam, commonly known as Shahada.) ... More 

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