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September 18, 2014 | Dhul-Qa`dah 24, 1435
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Pilgrimage of Spiritual Awakening Audio
Number of comments: 8
Opinion Summary: Agree:7  Disagree:0  Neutral:1

Hajj: Tips and Reflections
Number of comments: 3

Pilgrim's Progress Audio
Number of comments: 1
Opinion Summary: Agree:0  Disagree:0  Neutral:1

Malcolm X: The Pilgrimage to Makkah Audio
Number of comments: 10
Opinion Summary: Agree:7  Disagree:0  Neutral:3

How to Review What You've Memorized of the Quran
Number of comments: 1

8/26/2014 - Religious Education - SW1212-5356
By: Maryam Amirebrahimi -* -

I have tried numerous methods throughout my years of memorizing. Sometimes I would stop memorizing for months at a time and only focus on review (although this always failed when I didn't have a teacher who could help me stay on track because I ended up wasting precious months without review or memorization). ) ... More 
Why a non-Muslim should know the Koran
Number of comments: 16

How the Quran shapes the brain
Number of comments: 7

8/26/2014 - Religious Science Education - IC1202-5025
By: Mohamed Ghilan - IslamiCity* -

The very first thing taught to an aspiring student was the Quran, which had to be memorized completely. Unlike anything else encountered in spoken Arabic, Quran recitation is a very specific science.) ... More 
Look in the mirror
Number of comments: 9

8/19/2014 - Religious Education - IC0811-3726
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* -

When I look in the mirror, who is that looking back? Am I who I appear to be? Do I try to mask the interior of my personhood by decorating the exterior with designer labels ..) ... More 
Ramadan Nights: "The Market for the people of Eman."  Audio
Number of comments: 5

7/20/2014 - Education Religious Social - SW0709-3370
By: Suhaib Webb -* -

Faith represents the wings by which we fly and the crutches with which we walk.) ... More 
Status of Women During the Time of Caliphate
Number of comments:

7/14/2014 - Religious Education - IC1407-5909
By: Fatimah Zainal - IslamiCity* -

Aside from being the alcove of encouragement for men, women during the Caliphate were also known for their contributions in various realms such as education, administration, and science. ) ... More 

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