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April 19, 2014 | Jumada Al-Thani 18, 1435
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Prof. Anver Emon Lands Prestigious 2014 Guggenheim Fellowship
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Bringing Muslims Back to Science
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4/13/2014 - Science Education - AJ1404-5718
By: Mohamed Ghilan - Aljazeera* -

What is desperately needed for modern Muslims is to come to terms with the fact that progress is not going to come from theological debates. Many spend their time in reproducing Christian apologetics as Muslim arguments, or attempting to "refute" that we evolved.) ... More
Studying Islam
Number of comments: 12
Opinion Summary: Agree:3  Disagree:1  Neutral:8

4/1/2014 - Education Social Religious - TQ0806-3602
By: Tariq Ramadan - TariqRamadan* -

To challenge the simplistic notion that Islam is still in its medieval period, we must engage it academically for its own sake - not simply out of self-interest ) ... More
The Masterpiece Minbar
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3/31/2014 - Education - SW1202-5015
By: Jonathan M. Bloom - Saudi Aramco World* -

Perhaps because it was so precious, Muslim craftsmen used wood to make minbars, the one article of furniture required in every congregational mosque. The minbar, a stepped pulpit normally located to the right of the mihrab (the niche in the wall facing Makkah), is the place from which the imam preaches his sermon at Friday noon worship.) ... More
Islamic Metaphysics of the Future Audio
Number of comments: 22
Opinion Summary: Agree:13  Disagree:3  Neutral:6

3/9/2014 - Religious Education - IR0409-2467
By: T.O.Shanavas - Islamic Research Foundation International* -

In the lives of devout Muslims, a day never passes by without them using the Arabic phrase, Insha-Allah (God So Willing) .. when they refer to future events ..) ... More
Malcolm X: The Pilgrimage to Makkah Audio
Number of comments: 10
Opinion Summary: Agree:7  Disagree:0  Neutral:3

Spanish's Arab Connection Audio
Number of comments: 22

2/21/2014 - Education - IC0604-2971
By: IslamiCity Staff - IslamiCity* -

If you speak either Spanish or English, you probably know more Arabic than you think you do ..) ... More
On the Path of the Beloved - The Battle of Badr Audio
Number of comments: 2
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2/16/2014 - Religious Education Religious - AK0709-3374
By: Amr Khalid - Amrkhaled.net* -

Angels descend at the end, not in the beginning, of the battle. This is because the Prophet (SAWS) in the beginning of the battle prayed and supplicated to Allah for a very long time. "O, Allah; if this group of believers are defeated, You shall not be worshipped on earth anymore.") ... More
Muhammad and the West Audio
Number of comments: 47
Opinion Summary: Agree:18  Disagree:10  Neutral:19

2/1/2014 - Education Interfaith - IC0510-2810
By: John L. Esposito - IslamiCity* -

Talk of Islam's new moral order and the normative nature that Muhammad's life had for Muslims seems to clash with Western perceptions of Islam ..) ... More
The Seven Phases of Prophet Muhammad's Life Audio
Number of comments: 24

1/27/2014 - Religious Education - IC0405-2299
By: Javeed Akhter - IslamiCity* -

Studying the Messenger's mission for its various phases and analyzing its internal dynamics is important as it gives the narrative relevance for today.) ... More

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