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March 23, 2023 | Ramadan 2, 1444
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Welcome to Articles Submission

IslamiCity is one of the largest English Islamic Websites that features articles on a wide range of topics. (Religion, Interfaith, Social, Political, Humor, Science, Family, Youth, etc). Please note Political articles are published on the sister site at iViews.com.

We accept article submissions from anyone who can add relevant content to our pages. We also accept articles that have been published previously. 

Some simple rules:

1. We do not have any restrictions on the length of the article, but please keep in mind, in an environment of information overload, short is sweet. Under a 1000 words is a good guideline.

2. Formatting:

  • Please write your article in a Word document, with no fancy formatting or fonts. Simple Times New Roman 12pt. font, or whatever the default is on your computer, is fine. 

  • Include a line break after each paragraph

  • Do not indent.

  • Do not use HTML tags in your piece. If you would like to submit your piece already formatted in HTML, send us an HTML document using Microsoft FrontPage.

3. Please include a short (30-60 words) bio with your piece, and include and email address to which you would like to have correspondence sent. If you have a website, please include that as well.

4. Please provide link to sources. If you make a statement that isn't common knowledge, especially statistics, please provide links for substantiation. 

5. Please title your submission. We may decide to change it at publication, but at least we'll have something off which we can work.

6. Please send your article as an attachment to . Feel free to also paste your text into the body of the email, but this is optional.

7. Please note IslamiCity does not pay for most submitted articles.

8. If your submission is not published, please don't stop sending. Acceptance depends on a variety of factors, including timeliness, style, and any number of editorial requirements of the moment that may not necessarily reflect on your writing ability.

9. You will be notified when your article is published.

Quote: The artist doesn't have time to listen to the critics. The ones who want to be writers read the reviews, the ones who want to write don't have the time to read reviews. William Faulkner, US novelist, (1897 - 1962)


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