When you think Amazon, Think IslamiCity first!

Simply by using the Amazon.com search box at IslamiCity ( available from the front page of IslamiCity), you may considerably help IslamiCity raise revenues without incurring any cost on your part!

Thanks to an affiliate model that is in effect between IslamiCity and Amazon.com web sites, some percentage of your spendings at Amazon.com comes back to IslamiCity as commission revenues! 

How does it work?

It's very simple really. All you have to do is to start your Amazon search at IslamiCity front page. Upon your first search, you will be totally disconnected from the IslamiCity web page and find yourself in a new Amazon.com window. That's it!  That's all it really takes for the affiliate model to be in effect!  The rest is the same  familiar interface that you're used to when shopping at Amazon.com! Same prices, Same experience ! ...  

Even if you were to end up buying multiple / different items at Amazon.com,  Amazon will still honor the affiliate system since you were originally referred by the web pages at IslamiCity. It is the simplest idea that you can support IslamiCity without even knowing about it! All it takes is a visit to IslamiCity front page, when you need to buy something from Amazon!  

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What you pay at Amazon.com does not change!

Your purchase price does not change! There is absolutely no difference to you whether you use an affiliate model or not ! Amazon prices or experience does not change! 

With sales over 10 Billion dollars in the last year, Amazon.com has elevated itself to the world's top as one of the most secure and greatest places to shop! Prices at Amazon.com are most of the time the lowest and the product reviews are invaluable!  

No sales tax on most items!!

You will be pleased to see that most items at Amazon.com have no sales tax! This may amount to considerable savings for you when you couple it with the already low prices that are hard to beat!  With an  excellent customer service and more than thousands of products to carry, you will find Amazon.com is more than enough for all your online shopping needs from one easy to use interface! 

If you wish to support IslamiCity by your Amazon.com purchases, now there is a way! 

Amazon search box at IslamiCity is easy to find! It will always be on the front page of IslamiCity! 

So from now on,  when you think Amazon, think IslamiCity first!

Thank you for your support!