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April 24, 2014 | Jumada Al-Thani 23, 1435
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But set thou thy face to the right Religion before there come from Allah the Day which there is no chance of averting: on that Day shall men be divided (in two). al-Qur'an 30:43 (Click for Arabic)



The Wisdom of Jesus
"Virtuous action does not consist in doing good to someone who has done good to you - that is merely returning a favor. Virtuous action consists in doing good to those who have wronged you." More
Alleged 'Authorship' of The Quran
We appeal to all open-minded people to study the Qur'an .. We are sure that any such attempt will convince the reader that the Qur'an was not authored by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and could never have been written by any human being. More
Beijing's Repression in Xinjiang
If Beijing fails to correct her failed policies, it won't be too long when the Uyghur people play the Crimean card to decide their fate with much support from the international community .. More
Survival Is the Saudi Key Word
Using the MBI as an instrument for "regime change" in the region has created a Saudi MBI phobia. Change is overdue in the kingdom, but, after decades of intensive Islamic education, change could only come camouflaged in Islamist form. More
The Return of Jesus
The return of Jesus will be close to the end of time. In fact, his descent will be one of the major signs the final hour is due. The Quran discloses that: "He (the son of Mary) shall be a known sign of the Hour; so have no doubt concerning it and follow Me." (Quran 43:61) More
Jesus Through a Muslim Lens
Muslims venerate Jesus as a divinely inspired human but never, ever as "the son of God." In the same vein, we treat the concept of Trinity, an unnecessary "mystery" introduced by the theologian Tertullian two centuries after Jesus .. More
Jesus in the Quran
Jesus or Isa in Arabic (peace be upon him) is of great significance in both Islam and Christianity. However, there are differences in terms of beliefs about the nature and life occurrences of Jesus .. More
The 'Stable' West Bank Dilemma
The bewilderment would stem from the fact that the West Bank is an occupied Palestinian territory. Its population is held at gunpoint; they have no freedom, and enjoy no rights. Their land is seized by force to make room for more settlements .. More
Syria: 'Regime Change' failure
The war on Syria has taken a U-turn during the past year. Assad now firmly holds the military initiative. The long awaited foreign military intervention could not take off; it was prevented by the emerging multi-polar world order. More
Prof. Emon Lands 2014 Guggenheim Fellowship
Prof. Anver Emon, a world-renowned scholar of Islamic law, has been awarded a notable John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship for his outstanding scholarship, one of three University of Toronto faculty to be honoured. More
Calling All Pagans
The U.S. government continues to subsidize rather than tax fossil fuel production. As a consequence, we're far more prepared to go to war than we are to make peace with the planet. We have to undo this prejudice before it undoes us. More

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I just took my Shahada and I would like to be successful in my new religion, so I am requesting materials that will assist me. [Latia from Pennsylvania, USA]
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News & Analysis


Fatah and Hamas agree landmark pact after seven-year rift
Ukraine to take on 'agressors' as Russia threatens retaliation
Palestinian rivals announce unity pact, drawing U.S. and Israeli rebuke
Pentagon to Russia: Back away from our allies
CIA is quietly ramping up aid to Syrian rebels, sources say
Democracy in Egypt not actually that important to U.S., analysts say
Russia, China block Central African Republic blacklist at U.N.
Israel shows Zionism's true colors
Obama arrives in Japan for tension-filled Asia trip
What is a Uighur refugee?
Too big to jail in the 'post-legal' U.S.
A legal way to kill?
The Saudi-Brotherhood divide
Malaysia: Obama to visit Masjid Negara
The majesty of Makkah
'Happy Chicago Muslims' dance to Pharrell following viral British video
Los Angeles: USC to host conference on 'Religion, democracy and the Arab awakening'




Omar Series (30 episodes) - English Subtitles (MBC1)
Miracles of the Qur'an
Quran Recitation: By Shaikh Abdul Baset
The Life of The Last Prophet
Muhammad (P): The Last Messenger of Allah
Jesus (P): Beloved Messenger of Allah
Introduction to Islam: Multimedia programs
IslamiCity Radio



15 of nature's most spectacular shows
Lowly Y chromosome may deserve some respect after all
Scientists explore possibilities of mind reading
Fuels from corn waste not better than gas
Blended learning revolution: Tech meets tradition in the classroom
Training for an uncertain military future in the Calif. desert
Saudi Arabia to build world's tallest tower, reaching 1 kilometer into the sky
Why are Muslims turning away from science?
Scientists find imprint of universe that existed before the Big Bang
Does the Big Bang breakthrough offer proof of God?



Dubai on track for 'capital of Islamic economy'
Economic policy in a post-Piketty world
Love it or hate it, Obamacare is accomplishing its mission
President Obama plans $1 trillion deficit cut
$30 billion oil pipeline to be built from Russia to India through Northwest China
Internet makes global economy vulnerable to Lehman-like crash, study says
Obamacare will cost less than projected, cover 12 million uninsured people this year
Volume of global Halal products trade estimated at $2 trillion
The new 'Silk Road', a rail link from China's factories to heart of Europe
Handbook of Islamic Finance


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