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April 26, 2015 | Rajab 8, 1436
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Noah said: "O my Lord! I do seek refuge with Thee, lest I ask Thee for that of which I have no knowledge. And unless thou forgive me and have Mercy on me, I should indeed be lost!" al-Qur'an 11:47 (Click for Arabic)



What can we learn from the parable of - The Spider?
The lesson here is that men puffed up with pride, wealth or any kind of other earthly advantages will have an ill-fate like that of Qarun. While those with spiritual strength; those who are righteous, humble and thankful will attain the mercy of God. More
The Significance of the Rock (Sakhrah)
The Dome of the Rock (Qubbah al-sakhrah) in Jerusalem built within the precincts of the original al-Aqsa Mosque (al-Haram al-Sharif or Noble Sanctuary) is one of the earliest existing monuments of Islamic art and architecture. More
How We Were Duped into Disowning the Palestinians
Yet the process of fragmenting Palestine is as old as the conflict, and has been dictated largely by Israel, as many of us, including Israel's detractors followed suit, unknowing that they are contributing to the very process that meant to marginalize numerous Palestinian communities. More
The Family Institution in Islam
... marriage in Islam is a commitment of the spouses and their families to each other, and therefore it increases the sense of responsibility among them and induces a spirit of sacrifice for each other. And defeats and overcomes any individual selfish tendency for their common good. More
If the U.S. Wants Arabs as Partners, We Must Treat Them As Such
This will only exacerbate the deep divide and political alienation that helped spawn ISIL, in the first place. Discussions should then move on to Syria and Yemen to discuss the steps that need to be taken to achieve negotiated solutions in both countries. More
Untangling the truth from the myth of the 'Armenian Genocide'
The overwhelming verdict by unbiased historians is that what happened with Armenians in 1915 was not genocide. Not only was there any government policy towards intent to eliminate Armenians the total number of victims who died during relocation or resettlement was a small fraction of the number claimed. More
Allah's Plan for You and Me
Fulfilling Allah's plan for us requires that we silence the voice of our own desire, open ourselves to Allah, and look within with total sincerity. It takes courage, patience and determination. More
Faith in the Word of God
Certain basic attitudes of heart and mind are a necessary prerequisite to any fruitful relationship with the Qur'an. Develop them as much as you can. More
Islamic Perspective
A person's religious belief has an important bearing on his personality and his outlook in life. By putting the trust in God, a believer minimizes the stress on him by reducing his responsibility and power to control his failures. More
Should the police be armed?
It's the scenario of an army of occupation in us-vs.-them mode, utterly separate from the community it's 'protecting,' maintaining a semblance of order through sheer armed domination. More
Naming and Shaming in Yarmouk
Many of those who remained in Yarmouk were torn to shreds by the barrel bombs of the Syrian army, or victimized by the malicious, violent groupings that control the camp, including the al-Nusra Front, and as of late, IS. More
The Best Gift From God
In few areas did science, community benefit and religious duty come so closely and productively together in early Islam as they did in medicine. "The best gift from God is good health. Everyone should reach that goal by preserving it for now and in the future" (Hadith). More

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I just took my Shahada and I would like to be successful in my new religion, so I am requesting materials that will assist me. [Latia from Pennsylvania, USA]
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Nepal quake kills more than 1,500 and spreads terror on Everest
Syrian town Jisr Al-Shughour seized by rebels in major blow to Assad
CIA couldn't fully use NSA spy program as most analysts didn't know about it
Pakistan gas deal: Iran backs China's inclusion
After xenophobic attacks, S. African government blasted for tardy response
What will lower oil prices mean for Europe and Central Asia?
China's South China Sea Disaster
Flood Of Desperate Refugees Tests Spaniards' Tolerance
Is the U.S. losing its grip on foreign policy as China rises?
How the Armenians came to live among Arabs
Polluted Air Is Making Our Brains Smaller and Older!
The test of gratitude
Where is Happiness in Islam?




Fear Inc.: Explore the network fueling Islamophobia in U.S.
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How modern life depletes our gut microbes
No link between MMR and autism, major study concludes
FDA ponders putting homeopathy to a tougher test
Genetic tests of tumors often give false results
What happens when the Internet of Things becomes artificially intelligent?
With 1 male left worldwide, northern white rhinos under guard day and night
Why knuckles crack
Why the FDA has never looked at some of the additives in our food
Hubble at 25 hailed as greatest scientific instrument



Dubai approves new Islamic economy initiatives
Delamaide: IMF faces tipping point over Greece
Turkish deputy PM promotes Islamic finance at IMF meeting
How India bettered China's growth story
Islamic banking arrives in China
Russia is counting on developing Islamic finance as a source of funding
These will be the world's 20 largest economies in 2030
The Islamic fashion business is booming
Islamic banking lands in the heart of Europe


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