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November 24, 2014 | Safar 2, 1436
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Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein: And whoever recommends and helps an evil cause, shares in its burden: And Allah hath power over all things. al-Qur'an 4:85 (Click for Arabic)



The Role of Muhammad (PBUH)
He was a prophet with a message for his people, a message anchored in religious belief but aiming at the realization of fundamental social, economic, and political reform. More
Gaza Bombings Rock Palestinian Reconciliation
In targeting mosques, the occupation is clearly targeting major symbols of national and popular unity. Mosques, by definition, gather people together rather than drive them apart. Inside the mosque all the factions of the national struggle .. More
The Pursuit of Excellence
We are given just a few moments in this dunya (world). Each breath is a priceless jewel and when it passes it never returns .. make this moment, this breath, this heart beat one that resounds with ihsan (Excellence)! More
Peaceful Nights
The moments right before you fall sleep are beautifully serene. Everything is still and quiet (hopefully), and all you have amidst the darkness is the radiance of your thoughts and reflections. More
How Heraclius examined the Prophet
Now then, I call you with the call to submission to God. Surrender to God, and you will be safe. Surrender to God, and God will give you a double reward. If you turn away, then the misdeeds of the peasants will be your fault. More
In the Heart not in the Money
Real generosity is not dependant so much on income as it is on the capacity of the heart. There are many who have the means to give, but not the heart to give. More
Quran Translation Limitations
The Quran itself is a miracle and cannot be imitated by man. 'Translator's duty is to distil some of the shades of meaning in the text; the end product is not Quran but just a translation .. More
Advice of the Prophet
Imam El Mustaghfiri said: "I have never heard a tradition more comprehensive of the beauties of religion, and more beneficial than this hadith. It collects all the good things of Islam but not put to use." More
The Beauty of Allah's Creation
The Prophet (pbuh) has said that Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty1. It is for this that the whole of Allah's creation has been designed and created according to the highest heavenly standard of splendor .. More
The importance of noble character
Were the traits of character not susceptible to change, there would be no value in counsels, sermons and discipline, and the Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) would not have said, 'Improve your characters!' More

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Comment of the Week
I just took my Shahada and I would like to be successful in my new religion, so I am requesting materials that will assist me. [Latia from Pennsylvania, USA]
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News & Analysis


Giving faces to Turkey's 1.6 million 'temporary' Syrian refugees
Iran talks move toward extension, not deal
Israel fears E.U. Parliament will recognize Palestine
Afghanistan quietly lifts ban on nighttime raids
Israeli Cabinet approves Jewish nationality bill
U.S. troops to stay in Poland, Baltics through 2015
Arab League to meet on Nov 29 over Israel-Palestinian tensions
Malarkey on the Potomac
The Islamic State (ISIS), the boogeymen of our times
Divided GOP grapples with what comes next on immigration
Racial disparities in U.S. arrests are prevalent, but cause isn't clear
For many young British Muslims tug of peace is stronger than pull of war
Muslim clerics meet in Iran to counter extremists
Islam has long preached sustainable living
Signs before the Day of Judgement




Gaza's children: 'I miss my games and red dress' (Aljazeera)
Qatar Digital Library (QDL)
New signs of the Final Hour (Sheikh Hamza Yusuf)
10 signs of the End Times (Sheikh Imran Hosein)
Omar Series (30 episodes) - English Subtitles (MBC1)
Miracles of the Qur'an
Quran Recitation: By Shaikh Abdul Baset
Muhammad (P): The Last Messenger of Allah
Jesus (P): Beloved Messenger of Allah
Introduction to Islam: Multimedia programs
IslamiCity Radio



NSF finds four agricultural crops causing rise in global warming levels, exhale CO2 as they grow
Scientists confirm: 2014 set to be hottest year in recorded human history
An Ebola clinic figures out a way to start beating the odds
HalalTrip wants to be every Muslim's handy travel guide
Sleep's link to learning and memory traced to brain chemistry
NASA simulation shows a year in the life of Earth's CO2
26 pictures will make you re-evaluate your entire existence



World bank to focus future investment on clean energy
Religion, risk drive Islamic finance boom
Warning bells for global growth
U.S. Senate rejects Keystone pipeline project
The World Bank blinks
Free-trade pacts: America's big bet
Beijing $40 billion offer to revive the historic Silk Road


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