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July 29, 2014 | Shawwal 2, 1435
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We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power: And what will explain to thee what the night of power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. al-Qur'an 97:1-3 (Click for Arabic)



Essence of Eid
We cannot divest ourselves from the misery of others. We cannot shrug it off saying that it does not concern us. To do this would be an injustice to humanity. The Quran (5:8) tells us ... Be just: that is next to piety. More
A Rebel's Cry on Eid
Weary of battles, I, the Great Rebel, shall rest in peace only when the anguished cry of the oppressed shall no longer reverberate in the sky and the air, and the tyrant's bloody sword will no longer rattle in battlefields .. More
The door is about to close - Farewell to Ramadan
A person who has been indifferent since the beginning of this month and who only pays little attention to the essence and greatness of Ramadan can still rise up and toil on any act of worship he willingly chooses .. More
Zakat for Da'wah
Scholars consider it permissible to use Zakat money to finance da'wah programs.  Click here to give Zakat online for da'wah in North America. More
The Secret of the Night of Power
"Read in the name of thy Lord Who creates," (Quran 96:1) implies that we have the obligation, in reading any object, not to get between it and its originator: the "Lord Who creates." More
Zakah: Connecting Humanity
Zakah means 'purity' and 'growth', in both of which we can perceive its religious connotations: it purges society of destructive afflictions and causes human and social virtues to grow. More
The Powerful Night of Ramadan
The Night of Power is to be searched during the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan. Since over fourteen centuries Muslims are striving diligently to benefit greatly from it. More
GPS for the Best Night
It is a clear night and its stars are visible: The Prophet [pbuh] said, "The night of power is a clear night...as though it's moon uncovers the nights stars." Related by Ibn Hibban More
Don't miss the last ten days of Ramadan!
These are the nights that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would spend in constant worship. Among these nights is Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Power) - a night more blessed than a thousand months. More
Ramadan Nights: The Market for the people of Eman
Faith is the gas that runs the believer. It is that feeling in our chests that causes us to pray two more rakat, give an extra dime towards charity, lower our gaze or to forgive someone who has wronged us. More
Ravaging Gaza: The War Netanyahu Cannot Possibly Win
The targeting of Hamas is an Israeli attempt at challenging the emerging new narrative that is no longer about Gaza and its siege anymore, but the entirety of Palestine and its collectives regardless of which side of the Israeli "separation wall" they live on. More

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Comment of the Week
I just took my Shahada and I would like to be successful in my new religion, so I am requesting materials that will assist me. [Latia from Pennsylvania, USA]
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News & Analysis


Israeli strikes continue as Netanyahu warns of 'prolonged' war
Senators consider obscure rule in CIA torture report declassification debate
In 'Ugly' Resolution, U.S. Politicians Back Israel's Assault on Gaza
Iraq is already splitting into three states
U.S., major E.U. states call for Libya ceasefire, U.N. role
White House: E.U., U.S. to impose new Russia sanctions
U.S. is no safer after 13 years of war, a top Pentagon official says
The Pashtun factor in Pakistan's insurgency
European Peace Is At Stake
Saudi crocodile tears over Gaza
Is Latin America's Military Making a Comeback?
Cease-fire is not enough
From Gaza: I Would Rather Die in Dignity Than Agree to Living in an Open-Air Prison
Gaza's Children Trapped in Despair
How Protecting Wildlife Helps Stop Child Labor And Slavery
Reclaiming the Sacred, Five Uniting Religious Principles
Most Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Fitr Monday




Wounded man killed by Israeli sniper on camera identified
This is what Iftar in Gaza looks like
Worldwide demonstrations against Israel's military aggression in Gaza
British MP stands up for Gaza 100,000 show up
Berlin woke up, now what about your city?
George Galloway: ISIS Western American allies and enemies
Chronicles of Ramadan: By Dr. Tariq Ramadan
Omar Series (30 episodes) - English Subtitles (MBC1)
Miracles of the Qur'an
Quran Recitation: By Shaikh Abdul Baset
Muhammad (P): The Last Messenger of Allah
Jesus (P): Beloved Messenger of Allah
Introduction to Islam: Multimedia programs
IslamiCity Radio



A rash of anti-Almond Milk articles flushes the liberal blog-o-sphere. Why?
Earth is on the cusp of a sixth great mass extinction
How does fasting affect the human body?
Globe-trotting virus hides inside people's gut bacteria
Schizophrenia has clear genetic ties, new study finds
Eyes on Mars on Apollo 11's moon landing anniversary
U.A.E. plans to send first Arab spaceship to Mars in 2021
Use astronomy to determine start of Ramadan: Scholars
Quran is far ahead of modern science in uncovering facts, says scholar



World's 85 richest earn more than 3.5 billion poorest: U.N. report
G20 reforms to boost global growth
The dollar's 70-year dominance is coming to an end
Ron Paul: U.S. foreign policy will lead to run on the dollar
BRICS nations to create $100bn development bank
Is the Fed going to attempt a controlled collapse?
Usury: Banking is institutionalized murder
Handbook of Islamic Finance


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